What Is Traveling Vineyard And Its Benefits?

Traveling Vineyard is a home-based business that is meant for wine lovers. The company started back in 2001 with the aim of making wine tastings less crowded. They have been able to grow and currently have over 1000 wine guides across 40 states. They have a variety of over 21 different wines that come in 3 categories; white, red, fizzy and sweet. Their wine is priced from $14 to $25 per bottle.

What sets them apart is their business model. To become a wine guide, you have to pay a registration fee of $174. This is divided into $99 for their success kit and $75 for the first two testing sets. The success kit contains everything you will need to start. It includes marketing materials, wine glasses, openers, carrying bags, educational cards, brochures and of course two wine kits. They offer competitive bonuses where if you manage to sell $1,400 within the first 60 days, you get a rebate of $50. They also have a referral program where you earn $100 for anyone that you refer and both of you reach sales of $750.

The benefits that come with this business ranges from earnings to bonuses. When you schedule a party, and you happen to make sales of $150 and also have 3 or more orders in your tasting party, you get a bonus of $75 which can be applied to your next tasting party. You also get your personal estate website, where they host it for you three months free. Later on, you pay $15.95 monthly.

They have a strong social media presence. They have utilized all the media, particularly YouTube where they display some of their products and success stories from their clients and partners.

To have a great in-home wine tasting party, always focus on the theme. Having a great theme and a small number of guests can make the party intimate and can convince you to get the most out of the guests.

Anyone who has a passion or love for wine is an ideal candidate for traveling vineyard. If you are also looking to start a profitable business that doesn’t require a lot of start-up capital, this is your perfect business.