Talk Fusion: Changing The Way People Communicate

Talk Fusion is a email piece of software that incorporates video chat into its host of features. Through Talk Fusion its user has the ability to communicate either via video chat, video email, voice chat, and other various ways. The software was created with the purpose helping business professionals throughout the world communicate with one another more easier, faster, efficiently, and certainly without the need on both being present in one mutual location.

The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina says he first got the idea of such a piece of software when he was at an open house looking for potential real estate to move into in North Carolina in 2004. It was while at that open house viewing the property that he decided to record a short video showing off the house, seeking his family’s opinions and approval. At the time it is noted that Reina was a user of the email giant AOL. When he went to upload and send the video he was not able to because AOL did not support video nor did it have the capacity and capabilities to send such a format. It was at that moment that the idea of Talk Fusion was born. Bob contacted his long time tech buddy, and together over the course of three years they they perfected Talk Fusion and officially released in 2007.

They ensure that the said company is following a code of ethics and operates with a degree of high standards. With this backing and recognition from the Direct Selling Association, Talk Fusion has grown into a premier communications piece of software throughout the world.

Before Talk Fusion, the idea that one could simply send video through an email, and see each other face to face without actually having to be physically present, had never been thought of or even attempted. Talk Fusion under the realm of Bob Reina is sure to continue to expand in the world of technology.

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