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A Review on Richard Mishaan Design Firm

Richard Mishaan is an alumnus of the Colombia University with degree in architecture. Born in Colombia, he began his career as an apprentice to Phillip Jackson. At Jackson’s office, Richard horned his designing skills to an expansive touch involving knowledge gained in architecture, fashion, interior décor and from his culture. This proved essential to his designing and establishment, Richard Mishaan Design LLC.


A Closer Look on Richard Mishaan Firm

After previously working for RZM Consulting Group, he has dedicated most of his time in managing and designing for his Richard Mishaan Design LLC. This New York headquartered company, specializes in creation of world class furniture designs, furnishings, patterns and textures and art for interior décor.


The company has been in New York for 26 years diversifying into the Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design services. The company handles commercial and residential clients while the interior design component also catering for hospitality sector clients. The company has seen success over the years owing to its customized approach to catering for its clients. Unlike other interior décor companies that impose ideas on client in the name of ‘setting trends’, Richard Mishaan Design LLC principally customizes to the clientele needs.


Favorite Projects

Right on the Richard Mishaan Design LLC’s website, there is the bedroom design under current projects. This project stands out as it combines architecture and interior décor to bring out the antiquity-cum-modernity appeal. The patterned wooden wall with clear furnishings painted in all-white, two prism-like wooded bedsides, a modernistic lighting system, wall size glass window and the complementing beddings elevate the room’s acoustics and appeal.



Besides Richard Mishaan Design LLC, he is a good author having written Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern: Interiors by Richard Mishaan. Of the two, Artfully Modern stands out in its philosophical understanding of design inherently good art can be combined regardless of style, period and time.