Securus Technologies Honored For Customer Service At Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies has gotten a Gold Stevie Award for customer service. During an awards ceremony that took place in the Caesar’s palace hotel in Las, Vegas Nevada, judges proclaimed Securus Technologies as being the winner for the best customer service training department for 2017. Senior vice president of operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos was present at the Stevie Awards ceremony that took place on February 24 to accept the award on behalf of Securus Technologies. Mr. de Hoyos joined over 650 other company executives who traveled to the awards ceremony and banquet in Las Vegas, Nevada.


While accepting the award on behalf of Securus, Danny de Hoyos remarked that it was great to be honored by a panel of independent judges and experts for the great progress that Securus Technologies has made over the course of a year in its customer service department. He went on to say that showing empathy for the customer’s situation and trying to resolve issues during the first call were the keys improving customer satisfaction at Securus. Then de Hoyos said that, knowing this, we made our customer service training department focus on training our customer service staff to develop empathy to our clients, listen carefully to their needs and work to resolve any issues they are experiencing during an often stressful period. The results have of the new approach and training have been fantastic and have paid off. Securus Technologies now has the highest customer satisfaction, first call resolution and net promoter scores in its customer service history.


The following is some of the judge’s comments on Securus Technologies who rated the company as having one of the best customer service training departments. One judge said that Securus has a very compelling improvement story in what has to be a tough workplace environment for customer service staff. Another judge gave credit to Securus staff for recognizing the problem and then doing all they can to address the issues to provide customers with unbeatable customer service in an often stressful situation.