How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Closing that Gap to Amazon

Amazon is not too concerned about the nearest competitor in the fashion e-commerce market because they have such a huge gap to everyone else. To better understand this in numerical terms, of all the thousands of clothing companies all fighting for that same dollar, Amazon gets to enjoy bringing in 20 percent of every sale. That has been keeping the other retailers in line until recently when Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has decided to separate themselves from the pack and close the gap to Amazon. In only three short years, Fabletics has made an impressive $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear.


There really is a secret why this particular athleisure brand has begun to grow in popularity. Although it doesn’t hurt a celebrity name is attached to the company, Hudson says the real reason for the growth of her company is reverse showrooming and her unique membership perks program. Take a short drive to any Fablectics store at the mall and just look how these women are shopping. The store is full of customers who are trying on everything and window-shopping when they are pressed for time. There isn’t any pressure from employees to buy merchandise, the shoppers are free to take the lifestyle quiz and just browse at their convenience.


We discover what separates the rest of this fashion e-commerce market to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. When you have the time to visit the online store, everything you had been wearing inside the mall will be uploaded to your online account. This makes it very easy for you to just continue shopping where you left off. Rather than ordering a single piece and then waiting for it to arrive so you can decide if you want to order more, you know everything fits perfectly because you had it on in the store, so shopping now is all about surfing the expansive online inventory for everything from leggings to tank tops.


Membership at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does include a few other perks that are driving sales in record numbers to this company. Free shipping on all orders, discounted pricing on active-wear, and even a personal shopping assistant for your shopping convenience. Your shopper picks a piece each month based on that lifestyle quiz you took, and you can either select, reject, or just shop for something else. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has discovered the real way to a women’s heart, it is all about pampering.