Dick DeVos & a Story of Success to Make a Father Proud

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, and in many ways this fact has defined who he grew up to be. DeVos’ father was the co-founder of Amway and was one of the top CEOs for years. His father introduced DeVos into the business world when he was very young. This was to the point that child’s play was almost business-related. DeVos and his brother used to help host some of the business clients that his father had invited to their home. This was something that DeVos and his brother did while they were just kids.

DeVos began to get more and more involved in his father’s business. DeVos began to give speeches as young teenager and helped do some product demonstrations as well. DeVos definitely got a crash course in business and business relations at a young age. Perhaps this was the reason that he decided to go into the business as well. Dick DeVos decided to attend Northern University, which is where he got his bachelor’s degree in business administration. But he was not done because he also got honorary doctorates from Grove City College, Central Michigan University, and the Northern University school.

DeVos started working at Amway back in 1974 but did not assume a vice president position until 1984. This was his wish, as he wanted to earn the position, and he did. DeVos actually helped his father’s company expand into other markets around the world. He tripled international sales, which made everyone happy. In fact, his sales surpassed domestic sales. This was the first time that international sales had surpassed home-based sales. It is reported that DeVos is considered the 67th richest man in the country, and his wealth is considered to be around 5.1 billion dollars.

But all his successes have helped him become a man that his father could be proud of. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that he is so active in philanthropy work or perhaps it is simply in his heart. DeVos has been involved in all kinds of fund-raisers and projects like the John F. Kennedy Center for Performance Arts. The project will help revitalize the center by adding a riverfront pavilion as well as a bridge linking the pavilion to the center for pedestrians. There is also going to be educational services, rehearsal space, offices, and even dining spaces. This is all in hopes to revitalize the city as well as the pavilion.