Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority – Fueling Texas’s Growth Through Transit System Development

The infrastructure development in the past few years in Texas has been pretty slow and considering the growing population of its suburbs, mainly the Williamson and Travis, there has been an increasing need to update and modernize its transit infrastructure. However, most of the talks, discussions, and implementations in the area of transport development in Texas revolve around the development within Austin’s city limits. It has in a way caused a lack of proper transit infrastructure outside the city and in the suburbs and is also negatively impacting the commercial and social growth of Austin’s suburbs.



Recently, Williamson County Growth Summit was held at the posh Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. It was attended by many dignitaries and influential people, which included Jared Ficklin of Agro Designs, Uber Technologies, Joseph Kosper of RideScout LLC, Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns, and Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The discussion at the conference mainly revolved around how technology is helping to upgrade the transit infrastructure around the country and globally, and how it can contribute to the growing transportation needs of the state as well.



Mike Heiligenstein mentioned during the conference that while the new technological innovations such as driverless vehicles and ride-sharing applications can ease the traffic and commuting in the region, the need of the moment is to enhance the transportation capacity of the state, which currently is not sufficient to accommodate the growing traffic movement. Mike also mentioned that to increase the transportability of the state, and help its developing suburbs such as Williamson County and Travis County; it is essential that networks of smart roads are built through the length and breadth of the state.



Mike Heiligenstein has been an integral part of the transportation infrastructure development in the Texas and has been with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its inception in 2002. Currently, he heads the organization and has played a key role in implementing major transit development projects across Central Texas. Currently, the CTRMA has multiple projects in the pipeline being supervised by Mike that by 2020 would accrue to be valued at over $4 Billion.



Mike has served the state of Texas as an elected official for over 23 years and knows the state and its problems clearly. It helps him devise the plans strategically that would assist in the fast-paced development, and give Texas a competitive edge it requires to be a magnet for commercial and social growth.

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