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How Wikipedia Writers Are Changing the World

Students are used to being told that they shouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source for doing research, but the University of Sydney is trying to change that. Educators at this school are having their students create and edit a Wikipedia page as a consolation for not taking exams or writing essays. Knowing that their writing could be seen by many people over the years, gives student the motivation to write good and accurate content. 

These students’ assignments are more than just writing though. They take the time to work together to find the information and will present it to their class. Students are graded on the quality of their work and receive feedback from their peers, as well as Wikipedia editors. Teachers in the English, biology, chemistry, and sociology departments are all taking part in using Wikipedia as a form of coursework for their students. Students are enjoying seeing their work be put into the public and being used by others do to research. 

Wikipedia is becoming a great marketing tool for all types of businesses. When one decides to create a Wikipedia page, businesses or individuals can brand the entry specifically to them and what they do. A Wikipedia page can help drive traffic to your business and improve your reputation. Your own page can also give customers and readers an additional website that is credible and makes your business look professional. When you make a Wikipedia page can get you more customers and sales because more people will be able to find you in search results. 

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