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White Shark Media Overhauls its Customer Service Initiative to Provide Gold-Standard Services

Since 2011, White Shark Media has been providing innovative project management tools to its clients. As one of the leading digital marketing agencies, the company has gained its reputation as a result of some of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the sector. Recently, the company has announced overhauling its customer service structure with the aim of providing a “gold-standard” that can prove a benchmark for others to follow.

These changes are tailored towards both new and existing clients. In addition, numerous freebies are also offered to improve the customer satisfaction level. Based on the feedback, a dedicated SEM Strategist will oversee new accounts ensuring that the client understands all the elements of new platform before starting a project. In fact, these strategists will also work with new clients helping them launch their initial campaigns and offer valuable feedback in the process.

As for both new and existing customers, White Shark has decided to follow up every month. Therefore, monthly meetings using the GoToMeeting software will be arranged enabling customers to get immediate feedback on their projects.

Besides these regular meetups, clients will also get direct extensions of their campaign supervisors who can be reached any time during the regular business hours. According to the company, such close coordination with the team management will likely decrease customer complaints.

For existing customers, the management has decided to give them two options regarding the campaign platform. Instead of automatically transferring existing customers to the newer platform, clients can either select the old platform or the new platform depending on their level of comfort.

Besides, the customer service is also likely to improve as there will be only one supervisor overseeing 3 to 5 SEM strategists ensuring that each client get plenty of feedback and time from the customer service team.

As for freebies, the company will provide free SEO guidelines to its clients. As of now, White Shark Media Complaints team does not actively support SEO; however, clients can get free SEO advice from experts. Moreover, customers will also be able to install conversion tracking, call tracking and in some cases Google Analytics free of charge.

Hopefully, these freebies will offer further incentives to clients to appreciate the value-for-money offered by White Shark Media. Accordingly, the management will continue to base their decisions on the customer feedback, which will allow them to regularly change their service levels to meet the demands of its customers.

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