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The Right Keywords Lead to Success

When developing an SEO strategy for your business or online venture one of the most important and easily overlooked factors for success is the choosing of the keywords that you feature on your website. Choosing the wrong words can push a great website to the rarely seen back pages of a search engine. While well chosen keywords can put your site in front of many viewers by showing up in the top five or six search results in Google. Here are a few things that all website developers should keep in mind to avoid poor search results.

Stay Away From Keyword Stuffing
In the early days of SEO many developers learned that by adding a large number of keywords to a post and meta description would result in a good search engine result regardless of the content the page provided. That has been corrected in the algorithms of Google and those types of activities are not productive. Content has become king that means that the pages that are getting results actually provide the information that someone is searching for.

How often should a Keyword Be Mentioned?
This question would be logical to think about next. There are a number of philosophies out there about what makes for proper SEO. One of the basics that has stood the test of time is to mention your keyword in the title, the first paragraph, the meta-description, a few times throughout the article as it would appear naturally and integrate it into any images used as well. That sounds like a lot but it really isn’t, especially when you compare it to the unsuccessful example of keyword stuffing used in the past. It is a systematic use of the word and similar words that provides accurate and valuable content to the reader. The number of times the word is mentioned allows Google and other search engines to understand the content of your web page.

Content Matters
The final product should be a web page that provides valuable content and gives unique information that can’t be had anywhere else on the web. The proper use of keywords can help guide that situation by giving a focus to the production of the page and easily understandable messages to the search engines. The greater the search volume is the more success you are going to have in selling your products, services or ideas.

Professional Help Increases Success
Getting help from a professional digital marketing firm like White Shark Media can help anyone unravel the mystery that SEO and keywords can be. They can help you find the perfect keywords for your project and design a campaign that will allow you to use them appropriately. They have been offering help online for years and have the experience and know how to cut through the mysteries of Google’s search engines.


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