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The Best Of Assisted Living Services in San Luis Obispo

The Manse on Marsh is a facility for assisted living, and is located in San Luis Obispo, California. They have received a prestigious award called the Caring Star for excellence in the service they provide. The award was based on the Senior Care Directory reviews as well as ratings from consumers.

The highest regarded assisted living and care for memory facilities throughout the nation, are the Caring Stars. To be eligible for this award, several factors had to be met. First, there had to be three reviews from consumers between December of 2013 and December of 2014. A minimum of one of these reviews needed to be a five star, their average rating for the entire time they were in business needed to be four stars or higher, and they cannot have any negative reviews that have not been fully resolved. The reputation of The Manse on Marsh was also taken into consideration.

The awards for the Caring Stars are in their fourth year, and this is the first program of this type for seniors in this industry. By excelling in senior care, and providing feedback regarding the preferences of consumers, The Manse on Marsh has truly earned the recognition they were given. The Caring Star facilities are profiled on a yearly basis under the criteria’s of social media, multiple types of platforms, as well as being published on

A specialized system in put in place by the Manse and it has been recognized in a national context. Numerous services are offered, including management for medications, reminders when meals are due, and assistance with bathing to name a few. Depending on the needs of the individual resident, a point system is used to determine only needed services are offered and billed. No other facility anywhere on the West Coast uses this system.

The Manse provides the best of amenities to seniors incorporated into a setting with a homey feeling. They features elegant dining, private homes, activities of a social nature, a service for laundry, maids, nurses, caregivers and discreet help wherever needed.