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Digital Media Reputation Company Expands To Luxurious Manhattan Office

Earlier in April Status Labs, a digital reputation management company, moved into a bigger and better office in Manhattan, New York. The Texas based company has only been in New York for a year but with the addition of four new professional account management and business development they plan to expand even further across the nation. CEO Darius Fisher states they still plan on hiring five more employees to work in the new Manhattan office and help the team adjust to the expansion. Status Labs currently has an office in Austin and Sao Paulo and but their end game is to eventually become a globally recognized company.

Status Labs is barely six years old and the company has already become a household name in the field of public relations. The digital reputation management firm focuses solely on online presence which includes Google search results, blog posts, articles, news sites, and Google image results. Currently Status Labs has over 1,600 clients spanning across thirty-five countries. Their goal is to create a positive online reputation for their clients by scrubbing Google search results clean of negative information as well as any photos that could damage their client’s reputation. Their main target for negative backlash is hitting Google search results and clearing out any bad press. Google’s algorithm automatically searches for the newest information and places it in the first page of results.

They’re experts in handling digital crises and offer a strategic personalized plan to help their clients navigate through their digital problems and offer guidance on how to proceed afterwards. Fisher and co help companies run social media sites properly as well as give detailed instruction on how to deal with negative comments left on their websites, Facebook page, or Instagram accounts. For clients who don’t yet have a digital presence Fisher’s highly trained professionals help lay out the do’s and don’ts of running a social media account or blog.

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