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Dick DeVos and His Journey to Successful Entrepreneurship

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and businessman who hails from Michigan. He co-founded the Amway Corporation. Amway is a network sales firm that focuses on the supply of healthcare products, grooming products, and household products. Dick was born in 1955 and throughout his career; he has worked in various executive roles both at Amway and his company, The Windquest Group.

Growing Up and Academics

DeVos had the spirit of business and entrepreneurship from a young age. His father saw the potential in him and allowed him to help in running the family business. Hence, it wasn’t a surprise when he joined Northwood University for a Business Administration degree soon after completing high school. Over the years, DeVos has been recognized with various honorary doctorates from Grove City College, Northwood University, and Central Michigan University. He is also has a prestigious alumnae recognition title under his belt.

DeVos Career Profile

In 1974, DeVos started working for Amway Corporation. He headed various departments and positions.Ten years later, DeVos began ascending to the company’s top management with the first being as Vice President leading 18 states.However, he felt the need to move on and in 1989, left to establish a private business; that’s how Windquest Group came into being. The company focuses on the creation, delivery, and marketing of both storage and closet products.


Why DeVos Returned to Amway


Amway Corporation purchased Orlando Magic Basketball and recalled DeVos to be the Managing Director. Although this was a big franchise and the responsibilities were demanding, DeVos still found time to run his private company. However, when his father retired as president of heir family business, DeVos took over the mantle in 2000.


DeVos took over the family business as its President. While here, DeVos made some critical changes that included implementing and reorganizing. In the process, Alticor Corporation came into being, but he later resigned as President to venture into politics, charity work and concentrate fully on running Windquest Group.


Devos Other Engagements and Charity Work


DeVos is a committed community service activist. Away from his professional career life, DeVos has founded the Education Freedom Fund. The fund supports poor students to get scholarships to further their education. Additionally, DeVos has a love for aviation and runs the Wet Michigan Aviation Academy. The school offers meticulous education programs in aviation. He sits on the state education board and has won the National Sailing Championship two times.


DeVos is a father and husband too; his wife and Betsy Prince and together they have seven children.