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Intolerance Fueled George Soros’ Passion to Open Societies

Business tycoon and philanthropist George Soros has spent his life fighting for basic human rights, especially those affected by Communism. The 87-year-old Hungarian-American billionaire has given away more than $12 billion to individuals, organizations, and programs that support global civil rights groups through the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations have benefited over 100 countries through its network of foundations, partners, and projects that focus on government accountability and inclusion, with an emphasis on health, education, freedom of the press, and equal justice, according to the Open Society Foundations’ site.

Soros knows the horrors of oppression firsthand. Born in 1930, he and his family survived Nazi-occupied Hungary by securing false identities while helping others do the same. Unfortunately, 500,000 Hungarian Jews were not as fortunate and lost their lives. Learn more on about George.

In a video bio on George Soros’ site he states, “Instead of submitting to our fate, we resisted an evil force that was much stronger than we were—yet we prevailed. Not only did we survive, but we managed to help others.”

Soros left Budapest for London in 1947 and worked as a nightclub waiter, and a railway porter to finance his education at the London School of Economics. He emigrating to the U.S. and began to amass a fortune on Wall Street by creating the hedge firm Soros Fund Management in 1970, which is estimated to have $25 billion in assets, according to Forbes.

Surviving genocide created a man with the propensity to resist and the belief that we cannot sit around and wait for governments to take action against inequality, nor can we be complicit when a wrong is being committed. The Open Society Foundations’ mission statement is inspired by Karl Popper’s Reflexivity Theory, a belief that societies only flourish when the government respects individual rights, freedom of expression, and a government dependent on democracy.

George Soros’ philanthropic work and commitment to fighting for the marginalized has been noted by global leaders, intellectuals, and socially conscious celebrities. His determination to have a positive impact on the world is his legacy. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Soros once wrote, “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people.

He has selflessly used his fortune to promote the rights of others, no matter their gender, gender or sexual preference, location, religion, or ideology. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have indeed opened the door in otherwise closed societies.

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Eric Pulier: Man of Many Acts

Eric Pulier is a guy from Teaneck, New Jersey whom has an extensive educational background, a creative mind, and a heart of gold. His stronger than life passion has pushed him to do many great things for society (in-general). He’s had his hands in a number of successful business ventures throughout his professional life and he’s been the winner of numerous philanthropic awards for his generous efforts. The man can simply do anything once he put his mind to it no matter the difficulty. He can literally turn a mole hill into a mountain thanks to his brilliant way of thinking.

Innovation is his personal gift and he has used it to do some really cool things. Pulier developed one of the very first social media platforms for chronically ill kids. This platform was known as Starbright World and it became a hit all while positively boosting his image. Starbright World raised the moral of these special kids as it allowed them a way to share their perspectives of what they were going through. XPRIZE is another one of Pulier’s revolutionary start-up companies that was designed for people to push themselves to their very own fullest potential through competitions and prize offerings. This was great because it helped individuals reach success that were thought to be unrealistic. Pulier’s gift always seem to have some form of meaning about it and XPRIZE was the very definition of success.

Being such a great writer by nature, Pulier has written for The Harvard Crimson Publication as well as Forbes. His “Understanding Enterprise SOA” was a best seller as it was relevant, easy to read, and understanding the topic at hand. The guy has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations as well as invested millions in Venture Capital Deals. Eric Pulier is simply amazing no matter who he’s compared against and his perseverance will push him into bigger and better things in the future.