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Desiree Perez Brings Big Names To Tidal

Tidal is the newest music streaming service on the market today. For a small subscription fee, customers can stream music from their favorite artists similar to current platforms on on Tidal is a music streaming service for the artists. Big name platforms such as Apple and Spotify have been under fire lately and have, unfortunately, had many award winning artists drop themselves from having their music streamed on their platforms. It’s mostly been an issue with how artists are credited and paid for having their music streamed either for free or with a small subscription fee. Either way, a few artists believed that they weren’t being compensated enough for this exposure.

At Tidal, artists no longer have to worry about that issue since the music streaming service was created by artists for artists. Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles-Carter are the sole artists responsible for creating a one of a kind music streaming platform like Tidal. Along with co-owners, Rihanna, Kanye West, and T.I., Knowles and Jay Z are able to compensate artists that are featured on Tidal as well as themselves. They essentially cut out the middle man, Spotify and Apple Music, and allowed the profits to flow directly to them. They can stream any sort of music they see fit to the Tidal name.

However, it hasn’t been all thanks to the artists. A long time veteran of the music industry, Desiree Perez, is said to be helping out Jay Z as he and his fellow artists pave their way in this new territory. She’s a firm negotiator and has proven so by negotiating terms for Beyonce’s “Formation tour” and a Samsung sponsorship deal for Rihanna. Perez has a know how that can only be learned from years of experience and she is most definitely putting it to good use for Jay Z and his fellow artists. The success of Tidal’s music streaming platform can attest to that.

Perez, and a few other members of an inner circle from Roc Nation, are the driving force behind Tidal. If Perez is behind the wheel, Jay Z and other artists continue shelling out music for their fans, and Tidal is focused on amplifying new music then it will definitely continue to soar in popularity and show the music and streaming industry that they Tidal is here to stay and make waves.