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The Investment Banking Advantage

Investment banking is something you should consider, whether you are a business operator or an individual who wants to grow their money. There are a number of reasons why, and it can be confusing to sort them all out, especially with all the options out there on the market today. However, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. The reasons to go with investment banking are quite clear, and they can help you avoid pitfalls.

Most investors are worried about security of their funds. This comes about in two ways. First of all, there is the logistics. Your financial information passes through many channels. The computers and IT of investment banks is superior to other options. Then there is the security of not losing any money on risky trades. Investment banks will do immense amount of research to ensure that you don’t suffer from mistakes. Something as simple as a dictator being dethroned for his gold could affect your economic picture.

When it comes to smart financial moves, you should consider hiring an investment advisor. They can hold your hand through the most difficult of situations to select the right financial instruments and strategies for you. Whether you are looking to pass your money to the next generation, give it to charity, or simply have more for you to live on and enjoy, investment banking is a powerful to use for your benefit.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment advisor with numerous years of experience in banking. He helps his clients grow their funds quickly. He does this by finding current market trends and positioning his clients to take advantage of the shift. He has a unique viewpoint to do this as well.

He holds citizenship in Venezuela and Austria as well so he can spread his wealth around and that of his clients. By doing this, he sees more in the global trends and has better information than other advisors. This means he can protect the downside risk of potential economic risks and gain the full amount of profit from upsides for his clients. Other investors even resort to copying his techniques for better returns.

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Madison Street Capital COO Proves His Prowess Through the NACVA Program

Anthony Marsala, the Chief Operating Officer at Madison Street Capital, has proved his worth after appearing among 40 individuals chosen for the Forty Under 40 program by NACVA. The program brings together professionals in the business word who have made positive impact and have a promising career. Across all aspects included during the review of entrants to the promotion, Anthony Marsala performed remarkably well, which confirms the reason Madison Street Capital has been moving towards prosperity under his stewardship.

In the spirit of encouraging future leaders, NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute created the Forty Under 40 program, which recognizes and awards 40 individuals who have contributed immensely in the growth of ideas and businesses. The program offers the next generation of industry mavericks a good opportunity to showcase their skills to the world. This is made possible through press release articles and publications that are made honoring the 40 selected individuals.

Generally, there were more than 125 nominees, who took part in the program. Only 40 made it to the final list due to the considerations that were held while scrutinizing professionals for the awards. Only those who have a proved record and extraordinary advances were able to proceed to the final stage.

Anthony Marsala, who has worked with several corporations, was featured in the program due to the achievements he has made and his competence level. He co-founded Madison Street Capital and has been working as the Chief Operating Officer, delivering focused leadership. Anthony has been instrumental in driving the company to achieving international presence. He oversees due diligence and the performance of the analytical team within the company to ensure their clients are offered accurate and helpful services.

Anthony is a Loyale University of Chicago alumnus and he earned a degree in Finance and Information Systems from this institution. He also pursued a Master’s degree in Strategy at Oxford University.

About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital delivers investment banking services to different companies. The company operates on an international outlook and offers excellence, leadership and services that are inspired by integrity. The company offers financial advisory and asset management services, which include mergers and acquisitions, portfolio valuation services and financial sponsor coverage.

Madison Street Capital also offers goodwill and intangible asset impairment, which is a service that includes analyses of key areas to come up with detailed information for decision making. These services include computing implied goodwill or fair value as well as calculating the value of each unit. They also assign acquired assets to the right units for reporting. Additionally, Madison Street Capital helps companies to become tax compliant by preparing objective valuations that help to enhance tax compliance.

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