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Investment banking unit revenues likely to fall, Warns Citigroup

Citigroup has decided to develop a stage for yet another lackluster financial result in some of the top investment banks in the world.
The chief financial officer, Mr. John Gerspach predicts that the Citigroup investment banking revenue operations would most likely drop to about a quarter in the first three months of the year when compared to 2015. John also revealed that the equities and the fixed income revenues would most likely drop to about 15 percent.
The predictions of Mr. John Gerspach came just one month before the results of the bank were revealed. The fourth largest US bank by assets, Citigroup had its shares fell by 3.7 % to $ 41.04 with the one year losses currently standing at 21 %.
The trading revenues have also been subjected to pressure from different quarters across the Wall Street. The Choppy financial markets have been combined with much tighter regulations and a shift towards the electronic trading.
A bank analyst at Vining Sparks, Marty Mosby claimed that you are most likely not getting much of the bounce that you would like to witness at the same time in the year.
The volatile conditions have prevented the corporate clients from the investment banks from coming up with equity and debt, buying rivals or launching on the stock market.
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