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Oncotarget is One of the Top Peer Reviewed Medical Journals

The first two scientific journals in the world were published by the Royal Society in England in 1665 and were the first of their kind in the world. The two journals to be published were “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society” and the other being “Journal des Scavants.” The published of these two journals has led to thousands of scientific periodicals being published since then with the study of medicine and biomedical sciences being published on the internet or print.Oncotarget is one of the medical journals to be descended from these two and is an open access one focusing on all aspects of oncology. The world of medical research in the biomedical science area can be one of fierce competition.

Researchers are constantly vying for sponsorship, credit for their research, and focused on making a new medical discovery. While this drive is necessary in the world of oncology and even encouraged, it has led to many researchers actively feeling competitive with their fellow researchers. Exceptional discoveries made in one lab may be unavailable to another one that could have a significant impact on research simply because of such fierce competition.Oncotarget provides a necessary platform where the open access journal has made it easier for researchers in the community to access information on oncology. The goal of Oncotarget is to have a life free of disease, but this goal can only be achieved by researchers working together.

The open access nature of oncotarget has made it easier for researchers to have access to each other’s research which can be applied to their own studies. Hopefully leading to exceptional discoveries being made in the field.The peer reviewed medical journal is also widely popular due to providing insightful, constructive, and punctual research with each of the papers published. They allow free access to the papers published which come out in online, weekly issues. Each issue of the medical journal can also be printed upon special request. The mission of the medical journal is to make research more widely available and easier to access for people in the oncology medical community.

Leading Healthcare Company InnovaCare Health

One of the leading healthcare companies known as InnovaCare Health is among the best at providing Medicare Advantage Plans and physician practice services. The company is led by its chief executive officer and physician Rick Shinto. It is also administered by its chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides. For the last several years, InnovaCare Health has helped a number of people get affordable healthcare through the Medicare program. It has also enabled numerous healthcare organizations get the guidance and assistance necessary to reach its goals. With its ability to provide affordable healthcare and improve the operations of healthcare organizations, InnovaCare Health has established itself as one of the most prominent organizations in the industry.

InnovaCare Health offers Medicare Advantage Plans which are private insurance policies funded by the government program known as Medicare. With this program, patients can get more affordable healthcare through a reputable insurer and the government. In most scenarios, a patient will be unable to pay for private insurance by themselves. As a result, they will need Medicare to help them get the care they need. InnovaCare Health helps ensure that the process goes smoothly through its arrangements with both Medicare and the private health insurance company. By getting this type of arrangement, patients will be in position to get the care they need without any financial strain.

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With Medicare Advantage Plans, patients can get lots of coverage. They will be able to get coverage for prescription drugs, surgery, physician office visits, x rays and also cancer treatment. As well as getting healthcare procedures covered, they will also have the opportunity to use the type of insurance they want. Patients will have the ability to use Preferred Provider Organization on and Health Maintenance Organization policies. They can even take advantage of Private for Fee, Special Needs Plans and Medical Savings Account Plans as well.

As well as providing coverage through Medicare Advantage Plans, InnovaCare Health also provides physician practice services. These types of services help a number of healthcare organizations improve their overall operations. Physician practice services help hospitals as well as private physician offices. With InnovaCare Health, these organizations will get guidance on how to provide excellent patient care, use the latest technology and also keep more accurate detailed records. With these types of services, InnovaCare Health has helped a number of healthcare organizations throughout North America provide patients with the best experience possible as well as making them more successful.


Sergio Cortes Explains The Zika Virus In Plain Language

It’s very helpful when doctors, especially ones as well-educated as Dr. Sergio Cortes, explain imminent health threats in plain, everyday language that everyone can easily understand. Getting information out to the public regarding the Zika virus is vital; the article Find Out More About Zika Virus With Sergio Cortes, from his personal blog, gives people the tools they need to lessen their chances of contracting the virus. Since Zika is now definitely linked to microcephaly, a birth defect affecting infant’s development, it is imperative that pregnant women avoid contracting the Zika virus. The virus is not contagious; people cannot catch it from another person who has the virus, however, when a mosquito that stings a person who has the Zika virus, the mosquito will carry the virus to the next person it bites. This is making it difficult for Brazilian officials to contain the virus, although they are working very hard to eradicate as many mosquitoes as possible.

Avoiding any location where mosquitoes are present in the best way to avoid contracting the Zika virus. Window screens and mosquito netting will help keep mosquitoes out of homes and removing containers from yards that might hold water will keep mosquitoes from using the standing water as a place to lay their eggs. Wearing long clothing that covers the arms and legs will also help prevent mosquito bites. Dr. Sergio Cortes also suggests that people call their Municipal Health Department if they see containers with stagnant water on property that they do not have access to, such as vacant lots or in uncooperative neighbor’s yards.

As Dr. Cortes explains in a Dino article, symptoms of the virus include red spots on the skin, body aches and a high fever. The symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of the Chikungunya virus.

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