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Highland Capital Management Lists the Highland iBoxx Senior Loan EFT on the NASDAQ Stock Market

In 2016, Highland Capital Management’s team visited the Nasdaq HQ in Time Square building. The aim of the tour was to celebrate the company after it listed a senior loan EFT known as The Highland iBoxx. Exclusive photos of the visit were posted on NASDAQ’S Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Those who could not make it to the Times Square building could also watch the event live from NASDAQ’s official YouTube page. Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, a retail arm of Highland Capital Management, is responsible for managing the EFT. The retail division will also oversee the EFT’s stocks after it was listed on NASDAQ.

NASDAQ established a name for itself in the U.S. trading market for its diverse portfolio of solutions. The company’s services include trading, public company services, clearing, listing and exchange technology. After Highland Capital Management listed its EFT on NASDAQ, its business vision will be optimized and executed with confidence. Highland Capital Management will also benefit from NASDAQ’s trading solutions that are tested using proven technologies. NASDAQ was the first trading company to adopt the electronic stock management technology. This technology is currently used in 70 equity markets in 50 nations.

About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management relies on its retail subsidiary to manage investments. Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors is registered with the SEC and has assets worth over $18 billion under management. Mark Okada and James Dondero founded its parent company in 1993. Since Highland Capital Management was established, it has grown into one of the most experienced and largest alternative credit managers in the world. The company has also advanced its credit strategies by focusing on collateralized loan obligations, private equity, hedge funds, and long only funds.

With alternative investment solutions that target natural resources and emerging markets, Highland Capital Management has a diversified client base. This customer base comprises of funds of funds, wealthy individuals, public pension plans, corporations, and endowments. These clients are served by the company’s head office in Dallas, Texas. They can also access Highland’s services from satellite offices in Seoul, New York, Singapore, and Sao Paolo.

Richard Blair’s Investment Advisory Solutions

Wealth Solution (WSI) is an Austin, Texas-based company that deals with investment advisory. It provides its clients with beneficial investment advice, and most of its customers are located in New Braunfels, Georgetown, Marbles Falls, Bastrop, Houston, and Austin. The company’s customers are mostly families or individuals with a high net worth and small business owners. The firm helps its clients to transform conveniently and adopt the newest financial policies since the capital markets are steadily growing. WSI’s services are designed to form dynamic and ideal investment strategies that help clients to conduct their business in an environment that is faced by the minimum risk possible. The firm focuses on helping people to invest and secure their wealth for the future since they understand that individuals would need to have a sustainable life and inheritance for their children after they retire. Financial strategies that WSI provide ensure that clients get the best lives after retirement.

WSI provides its wealth advisory services with a property management plan that guides clients on how to best accumulate and secure their fortune. The strategies help customers in managing their assets by designing appropriate investment portfolios that go in hand with the client’s wishes. The firm takes the responsibility of protecting the investors from preventable risks as they trade in the markets. WSI’s property management methods are useful to investors since they can utilize them to gain access to various opportunities such as alternative investment classes.

Wealth Solution Inc. is owned by Richard Blair, who also founded it in 1994. It was Mr. Blair’s first achievement after he completed college in 1993 and has served dozens of clients for the past twenty years that it has been active. Richard holds various professional titles, which include Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP). The primary objective that Richard Blair had when starting the company was to better the financial knowledge of individual entrepreneurs, small business owners, and family owned companies.

Richard Blair has been raised in an environment with has many teachers. His wife, mother and grandmother are all teachers and, therefore, he has been able to learn on how teaching can be critical in boosting one’s confidence. Mr. Blair uses his natural skill in finance and teaching ability to enhance his client’s investment and financial potential. Richard has been in the investment advisory business for a couple of years and therefore he has ample experience.

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