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A Force To Be Reckoned With

When an e-commerce giant like Amazon strikes out against a new brand, you know that the brand is not to be taken lightly. This is exactly what has happened with the rise of Kate Hudson’s very own brand, Fabletics. Fabletics is a new sensation in women’s sportswear and accessories, which has augmented a $250 million business in just three years.


Fabletics is an online subscription retailer that offers its members personalized athletic apparels based on each member’s individual fashion choices, lifestyle, routine and workout schedule. It uses a relatively new “reverse showroom” technique that allows the customer first to see the product online, and then purchase it from the brick-and-mortar retail stores in person. Unlike other competing firms in the industry, which are losing big by showrooming, where people see items online but buy items cheaper from somewhere else, Fabletics has tactfully applied the showroom technique and established a flourishing business because of it. Although this reverse showroom technique is already being used by companies like Apple, Hudson has pioneered in applying it to the e-commerce apparel brand. This concept is expected to grow as e-commerce continues to take over the market.


Fabletics stocks its shelves in an efficient and smart manner, with items that are high in demand on their website. By analyzing the trending patterns in sales in various areas, the company stocks each store with the products that are already doing well on the website and are frequently demanded by customers.


Also, Hudson has a huge fan following, and she is using that to her advantage. She has used social media platforms like Instagram to attract millions of people. The more people “like” the brand page on social media, the more it aids the brand to select and promote the products being liked the most.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is being raved by many users. She has launched a brand that provides athletic apparel to women of a range of sizes and body types. Teri Hutcheon praises Fabletics in her blog. She writes that Fabletics offers clothes at extremely affordable prices, and the VIP members can enjoy tons of discounts on a la carte items. And the best part is that there is no monthly membership fee. If you don’t buy anything in a month, you do not have to pay anything, which makes shopping an enjoyable and hassle free experience.


The items also have a great quality based on their price. Usually, sportswear from other places has lots of issues, like being see through, or not holding shape for a very long time, or fading colors, but that is not the case with Fabletics apparels. The tops, leggings and other outfits have soft and top-notch material that makes workout more fun. The styles of the products have numerous varieties, from simple to bold patterns that suit the customers’ need.


Kate Hudson has struck gold with her company, for more reasons than one. With the years passing, Fabletics has seen immense growth and has achieved the trust and admiration of fashion consumers across the whole world.

Fabletics Is Thriving In The Age Of Amazon

Amazon is a game changing retail giant that has corned an astonishing 20 percent of the entire apparel market. Their reach is so great that it has other retailers wondering how to compete in the age of Amazon. Fabletics is one brand that’s learned how to survive and thrive even against the online juggernaut. Helmed by style icon and influencer Kate Hudson, Fabletics has figured out a unique marketing strategy that appeals to customers with an on and off line approach. In fact their success can be attributed to just that – their approach to a strong and streamlined link between between their online and offline stores is key to satisfying and engaging with their customers.


As Fabletics continues to grow the company continues to learn from the trends and needs that drive their customers to buy. Hudson provides the brand’s aspirational appeal as she lends her name and accessibly glamourous image to the brand’s aspirational quality. Membership service makes customers feel special and exclusive while attention to the demand for and popularity of certain items in specific regions allows the brand to stock its stores with merchandise most desired by customers in each locale. But it’s the reverse showroom tactic that Fabletics uses that’s serves as the brand’s most unique and innovative asset. Physical stores are places that customers and potential new customers can come to see and try on the merchandise in person without pressure or obligation to buy anything. While in store people can sign up for the brand’s subscription service and shop online for the looks they just saw in person. This allows users to interact with the product and see for themselves its quality and value before committing to a subscription or purpose.


With a commitment to promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle Fabletics wins by knowing it’s market as a whole and its customers as individuals as much as possible. The brand understands the need for a work life balance and endeavors to provide members with clothes that are versatile and multifunctional, creating stylish pieces that transition easily from work to play to workout. Taking the athleisure trend to new heights and adding new stylish designs very frequently, this brand proves how a commitment and vision that includes incredible customer service will always be viable in the marketplace. Providing women with the clothing to power their active lifestyles at price points that are accessible without allowing the quality of the product to suffer is no small feat, but so far Fabletics has managed to make it look easy and fashionable as well.

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