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Billy McFarland Is Changing The Game In The Private Club Space

One of the many challenges facing the private clubs is finding creative and innovative ways to enhance member involvement as well as retention. To stay fresh and competitive, private clubs must offer services and amenities that add value and fun to their members’ experience.

One New York 24-year-old is doing all of those things and more. Billy McFarland, the Short Hills, New Jersey kid that started his own business while he was still a schoolboy has a new private club concept and it’s making a lot of noise in New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. McFarland started the private club, Magnises, in 2013, and he launched the concept in March 2014.

McFarland is the same Millennial wizard that came up with Spling, the digital acquisition, and optimization company that targets Millennials. Billy hit a home run with the Spling concept, and according to the membership interest in Magnises, McFarland hit a grand slam in the private club industry.

Magnises is no ordinary club. There isn’t anything ordinary about Billy McFarland, and Magnises has his signature all over it. Magnises offers members a chance to live the good like by giving them exclusive tables at hard-to-get-in restaurants, and exclusive tickets to the top sporting events.

The $250 membership fee entitles Millennials to an assortment of deals on cars, clothes and other items that are considered top-of-the-line merchandise. Magnises members also get a $79 a night price for a $245 room at any Dream Hotel when they use the black Magnises membership card. The ClubPass is another perk that members can use for a small yearly fee. Members are able to get into the hottest clubs in New York when they use the ClubPass.

Billy plans to open the Magnises concept in London, Chicago, LA, Boston, and Atlanta, so the 12,000 members can use their cards in those cities as well. McFarland is turning a profit, not from the membership fees, but from the sponsors that are lining up to participate in Magnises events.

Magnises members are well-educated and well-paid Millennials that work in the fashion, tech or finance industry. According to Bloomberg, the member list is growing, and Billy McFarland is adding more value and fun to the Magnises experience.