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Meaning of Beneful

According to the Beneful website, the name Beneful translates to “full of goodness” which the owner of Beneful, Nestle who holds Beneful in their Purina line, created as a way of emphasizing the ingredients that go into Beneful.

Since the launch of Beneful, it has been a top brand in the dog food industry. Their popularity has helped Beneful to create a wide range of different Beneful products and to emphasize the higher quality ingredients that are present in the brand’s products.

Full of goodness includes the high quality meats, organic vegetables, and whole grains that are included in Beneful dog foods. There are no artificial ingredients in the brand’s products and dogs therefore develop a real taste and love for the product.

Beneful is a quality product through and through and the meaning of full of goodness effectively captures a quintessential aspect of the brand and the love that dogs and their owners have for the products.