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Helping To Positively Shape Our Future, The American Institute Of Architects

There are many professions in the world today that will have a hand in shaping the very future of our lives but few will have such a profound impact as the architects of today. They are shaping the very world that we see every day, changing landscapes and building cities.

The American Institute of Architects is one of the most prolific organizations for architects, founded in New York City in the year 1857. AIA was founded with the intention of promoting scientific as well as practical perfection of its members. Currently there are over 90,000 licensed architects and associates who work with the American Institute of Architects.

The AIA is actively involved in a great number of public outreach programs, government advocacy, community redevelopment as well as offering education to support that profession of architects. At present the AIA is lead by Robert Ivy.

In 1996 Robert Ivy was the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record, which grew to become the most widely read architecture publication. Under Ivy’s leadership the Architectural Record would go on to receive numerous publication industry awards such as the premier magazine journalism award.

Since its founding, the AIA has always adhered to their initial mission of always providing the very highest standard of scientific, artistic and practical professionalism. The AIA also works to elevate the standing of the profession by ensuring their members adhere to a strict ethical code as well as professional conduct, all intended to show clients, colleagues and the public that the AIA has the highest level of dedication to these standards.

The AIA is governed by a board of directors and has a full time staff of 200 people and despite being a national organization, there are smaller and more localized state components that reflect the personal lives of each of the members.

The AIA uses its unified voice to help enact positive changes for the American population, creating healthier buildings, made from natural materials as well as being designed to promote the overall health of the occupants of the building.

The AIA, under the guidance of Robert Ivy, is working to increase public awareness of the importance of architecture in our nation. One of the best ways this is being done is through the Sustainability Toolkit 2030, a resource that was created and designed to assist mayors as well as community leaders to advocate for more sustainable and environmentally friendly structures for our futures.


Andrew Rolfe Knows Clothes and Charity

The Ubuntu Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving underprivileged children a chance at a quality education, therefore a quality life. It is based in South Africa and has been doing good work in the community for over 10 years now. One of the ways in which the Fund raises money is by putting together fund-raising galas, such as the one that happened this past May. The goal was to raise over $972,000 and it did so by raising $972,960. One of the projects the Ubuntu Fund is working on is opening a pediatric clinic that will be part of the school. The Gala was organized by Andrew Rolfe, the man-in-charge at Ubuntu Fund.

The Gala was attended by nearly 300 people and they were treated with amazing music and food. The event was attended by various dignitaries, and also by students who benefited from the Fund and got a good education. They also gave speeches speaking about the success of the organization which made the listeners happy. This why the attendees ultimately felt inspired and donated generously to the fund. In fact, one of the most inspiring speeches was by a former student named Sinesipho Rabidyani, who came from a difficult domestic background, and because of the Ubuntu Fund could escape all that, get an education, and eventually go to law school. She was even able to help some of her family members as a result of all this.

Andrew Rolfe is a graduate of Oxford University. He got his degree in Philosophy and Business Economics. He went on to get his MBA from Harvard University. He also holds the position of Managing Director at Tower Book Capital Partners.

Before joining Ubuntu And Tower Book, he served as an executive at GAP Inc, the clothing company. In fact, he was largely responsible for turning it into an internationally recognized brand. His success includes what he did for another clothing company, Banana Republic, by taking it to greater heights. From this kind of amazing background, Andrew is well poised to take the Ubuntu Fund to the next level.