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Best Ski Resorts for the Instagram-ers and Olympians Alike

Skiing in Lake Tahoe may sound like the perfect place to take the family for a day on the water, but in the winter it becomes a wonderful and scenic landscape for the winter recreation, skiing and snowboarding. There are 22,000 acres of land available, and over 100 lifts to provide access to them all. With six different destinations to choose from, there is variety and choice with every trip. Whether it’s a family vacation or a romantic getaway weekend, Lake Tahoe has athletic entertainment for all. Even when the lifts close, the ski bunnies have plenty to do in the neighborhoods and towns around the resorts, so from sunrise to midnight there is an activity to keep visitors engaged and having a blast.

Of the six destinations, the ones that standout as two must-see with their jaw dropping views are Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows resorts. These two mountains are part of the California side of Lake Tahoe, which must mean blue, sunny skies.

Squaw Valley hosted to 1960s Winter Olympics and is world renowned for its powdery slopes. It has kept its claim to fame as was voted Best Ski Resort in North America by USA Today in 2016. Squaw Valley has never faltered to impress and capture every visitor’s heart. The terrain ranges and accommodates for all ages and skill levels. There is a slope for everyone, whether they have never been on skies before, or have been hitting the fresh powder since they could walk. This allows for growth and gaining experience if one is looking to improve their skills, or just relax and coast down. With over 170 trails expanding 3,600 acres, there is no limit to the diversity of terrain.

For those who love to soak in the view as much as the physical exertion, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows will not disappoint.

For the off the beaten path experience, Alpine Meadows is the resort that fits while still providing lodging and comfort of a larger resort. Though the environment feels more cozy, the resort itself still boasts over 100 trails and 2,400 acres which allows the skier or boarder to have a vast range of options in terms of difficulty and type of terrain. There are even seven different bowls and a terrain park for the adventurous snow bunny.

Regardless of skill level, the destinations at Lake Tahoe are gorgeous and picturesque without a question.