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Squaw Valley Releases Statement On Water Quality

On November 8th, the Placer County Department of Environmental Health revealed that the water used in some resorts at Squaw Valley might be contaminated with E. coli. Officials at Squaw Valley have now released a statement of their own addressing this issue. This statement was released to the public on November 30th at 8:07PM.

In the statement, Squaw Valley said an unseasonably large rainstorm affected the water systems used throughout Placer County. This rainstorm, which occurred in October, inundated the new water systems at both Gold Coast and High Camp. Although these two water systems were contaminated, Squaw Valley said that no other water systems were affected. The Squaw Valley team went on to say that nobody who visited their ski resort was ever at risk of drinking E. coli when using their water system.

Once members of the Squaw Valley team found out about the E. coli contamination, they acted fast to prevent its further spread. First, Squaw Valley contacted water safety experts in the region. These experts on helped Squaw Valley implement healthy strategies to contain the spread of E. coli.

Squaw Valley continues to work on fully eliminating E. coli in both the High Camp and Gold Coast water systems. This team promised that it wouldn’t let any customer drink the water produced by these systems until it could be certain there’s absolutely no contamination.

People who are staying at either Gold Coast or High Camp will have all the same utilities and comforts as before, except for the use of tap water for drinking. Instead of tap water, guests at these two locations will be given unlimited supplies of bottled water.

Squaw Valley closed this statement by thanking the Squaw Valley Public Service District, local water experts, and Placer County officials for their continued support. Squaw Valley also thanks their customers for their patience and understanding.

Ever since releasing this statement, the waters have been treated by local experts extensively. Most recent tests have shown great improvements in Squaw Valley’s water systems. Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health, said that the latest tests showed absolutely no E. coli in three of the four wells used in the upper mountain. He also said that there was very little coliform in these wells.

There have been no reports of health concerns at any of Squaw Valley’s resorts. All the guests at Gold Coast and High Camp are informed about the water situation and are not allowed to drink the contaminated water.

All restaurants on the upper mountain were closed once Squaw Valley heard about the E. coli issue. These restaurants will remain closed until the water systems are completely purified.

For those who don’t know, Squaw Valley is located in central California right by Lake Tahoe. This area is famous for hosting the 1960 Olympics.

The current CEO of Squaw Valley is the charismatic Andrew Wirth. Wirth is one of America’s most famous CEOs, especially after his 2013 appearance on the popular TV show Undercover Boss.