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Meaning of Beneful

According to the Beneful website, the name Beneful translates to “full of goodness” which the owner of Beneful, Nestle who holds Beneful in their Purina line, created as a way of emphasizing the ingredients that go into Beneful.

Since the launch of Beneful, it has been a top brand in the dog food industry. Their popularity has helped Beneful to create a wide range of different Beneful products and to emphasize the higher quality ingredients that are present in the brand’s products.

Full of goodness includes the high quality meats, organic vegetables, and whole grains that are included in Beneful dog foods. There are no artificial ingredients in the brand’s products and dogs therefore develop a real taste and love for the product.

Beneful is a quality product through and through and the meaning of full of goodness effectively captures a quintessential aspect of the brand and the love that dogs and their owners have for the products.

Andrew Rolfe Knows Clothes and Charity

The Ubuntu Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving underprivileged children a chance at a quality education, therefore a quality life. It is based in South Africa and has been doing good work in the community for over 10 years now. One of the ways in which the Fund raises money is by putting together fund-raising galas, such as the one that happened this past May. The goal was to raise over $972,000 and it did so by raising $972,960. One of the projects the Ubuntu Fund is working on is opening a pediatric clinic that will be part of the school. The Gala was organized by Andrew Rolfe, the man-in-charge at Ubuntu Fund.

The Gala was attended by nearly 300 people and they were treated with amazing music and food. The event was attended by various dignitaries, and also by students who benefited from the Fund and got a good education. They also gave speeches speaking about the success of the organization which made the listeners happy. This why the attendees ultimately felt inspired and donated generously to the fund. In fact, one of the most inspiring speeches was by a former student named Sinesipho Rabidyani, who came from a difficult domestic background, and because of the Ubuntu Fund could escape all that, get an education, and eventually go to law school. She was even able to help some of her family members as a result of all this.

Andrew Rolfe is a graduate of Oxford University. He got his degree in Philosophy and Business Economics. He went on to get his MBA from Harvard University. He also holds the position of Managing Director at Tower Book Capital Partners.

Before joining Ubuntu And Tower Book, he served as an executive at GAP Inc, the clothing company. In fact, he was largely responsible for turning it into an internationally recognized brand. His success includes what he did for another clothing company, Banana Republic, by taking it to greater heights. From this kind of amazing background, Andrew is well poised to take the Ubuntu Fund to the next level.


An Insight on the Career Path Of Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a successful businessman who has worked in the financial services sector for approximately 25 years. He is involved with the Falci adaptive Biosystems where he serves as a member of the company’s Board of Directors. Matthew Autterson is a respected leader when it comes to the business community of Colorado. He is an active philanthropist who is involved in several charitable organizations such as the Zoological Foundation and the Denver Zoo. Matthew Autterson is the Current Chairman at the Denver Hospice’ Board of Directors. He is a former president at one of the biggest state Chartered financial firms in the nation.

Matthew Autterson is a graduate from the Michigan Stet University where he acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in the year in 1980. He also went to the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. The professional path of Matthew Autterson started when he got a position at First Trust Corporation which is a Fiserv Subsidiary. In 182, he left the company and went to serve at a Colorado State Chartered Trust Company. In 1986, Matthew Autterson was named as the President at the Resources Trust Company. The company was later purchased by Broad Inc in 1989 together with other assets that are owned by the Integrated Resources Inc.

Under the leadership of Matthew Autterson, Resources Trust Company managed to register massive success and growth. The company was also recognized as one of the biggest chartered trust companies in the state. A former member at the Young Presidents Organizations, Matthew Autterson was also part of the World Presidents Organization. He is also actively involved in the Webb-Waring Foundation which is a charitable organization. He says that his success in life and business has been brought upon by hard work, commitment, discipline and passion.

Currently, Matthew Autterson works at CNS Bioscience, Inc where he is the Chief Executive Officer, president and also a board member. CNS was established in 2013 by Scott Falci and it is a clinical-stage drug development firm that normally focuses on neuropathic pain. While working at Resources Trust Company, Matthew Autterson was responsible for overseeing the Over 700 employees, $1billion worth of deposit and $20 billion in all custodial assets. In each position that Matthew Autterson held, he has always been described as an efficient leader and boss. He offers mentorship programs to young and upcoming entrepreneurs who would wish to join his line of work.


Controversy for a Good Cause and Honey Birdette

It’s been said that sometimes you have to cause a little controversy to get your point across. Lingerie retailer Honey Birdette knows this fact too well. Making their stance on the upcoming postal plebiscite for marriage equality, over 60 Honey Birdette employees and models took to the streets to make their opinion heard. Founder and managing director Eloise Monaghan noted that while the protest may have been controversial, it worked to engage people in conversation on the topic, no matter where you stand on the matter. She also noted, “A flash mob was a way to let our team get involved and it was also the quickest way to get our message out there and let people know how we felt about marriage equality.” While some companies fear to get involved in the political realm, Honey Birdette employees believe that this has gone beyond being just politics and is actually a matter of human rights.

The flash mob, however, hasn’t been Honey Birdette only brush with controversy in recent times. Rundle Mall was the home of some racy Honey Birdette ads in the front windows of the shop that raised pulses as well as some heckles. The posters featured some lingerie clad models showing the wares of a new product line for the company, where one of the models had a visible nipple. While some took to wondering if the ad may be inappropriate being displayed so prominently where children may be, others had no qualms with the ads. Councillor Anne Moran noted, “it was pretty close to the edge of not being appropriate”, but conceded “its only bosoms.”

Advice For First Time Business Owners: Learning From Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Are you a new business owner, looking for some inspiration? Or do you think that you have an idea for a business, but you are not sure and need some role-models to look to in the midst of your confusion? Doe Deere is a passionate entrepreneur who started her own company, Lime Crime, over eight years ago. She might be able to give you just the upliftment that you are looking for! Doe Deeres story confirms that idea that in order to start a business we need three things: passion, direction, and financial resources. Learn more:


The passion behind a new business will need to come for the most part from the owner. Doe Deere, as the founder of Lime Crime, was already passionate and expressive about her love for cosmetics before starting her company. IN 2004, four years before founding her current enterprise, Lime Crime, Deere registered an account on eBay with the name “limecrime”. This outlet served as a place for her to display her D.I.Y. fashions and styles. Clearly, she was already inspired when it came to fashion, personal style, and make-up! Learn more:


As you think about your potential niche, or the type of business you have just opened, ask yourself if you are passionate about it. What do you love to talk about and share about regardless of the money involved? This clarity will help you understand if you will be willing to go the distance with your company. Passion will help you get through the rough patches that come with being a first time business owner. Learn more:


However, passion isn’t enough! You also need to have direction for your business. When Doe Deere was asked about what makes her productive as a business owner, she responded that her “vision” was one of the key drivers of her productivity. A business plan is one way to get your vision out onto paper. There are lots of business plan models, and over the years a standard business plan has become shorter and more concise. Business plans are necessary when it comes to financing your business, as it will show investors what your plan for making a profit is, so that they are more likely to lend you money.


This brings us to the next key aspect of starting a business. You will need to finance the start-up costs! Some people “boot-strap” their business, which is an idea in which the owner does as much as possible on as little money as possible until the business starts to make a little bit of profit, and then they can grow according to these limitations. Other people ask banks for loans, or look for investors.


If these three items seem intimidating to you, take heart knowing that they are intimidating to many people. Starting a business is hard work and you must be highly invested in your job. Doe Deere serves as an excellent example of how a person can run a successful business while effortlessly mixing her personal life and personality with her work.


Doe Deere infuses aspects of her personality into her brand and her day to day business lifestyle. For example, she values animals and donates regularly to the cats and dogs in her home city of New York. At home, she has three cats. This translates into her company decisions too, where she makes sure that all of her products are cruelty free.


Sheldon Lavin Global Leader

Many business leaders want to help people across the world. With all of the technology and capital available, there is more opportunity than ever before to help others. Sheldon Lavin is a leader in business industry today. As the CEO of OSI Group, he has a lot of influence in various areas.

Sheldon Lavin

When Sheldon Lavin was in college, he decided to pursue career in business. He never dreamed that he would have the success that he is having today. He is excited about the future, and he is doing a great job with OSI Group.

When he started out in business, he had to take on a lot of jobs to pay the bills. He lived frugally in order to save money. He still lives frugally and gives a lot of his money to charity. Sheldon Lavin is a visionary who wants to change the world with resources.

Global Influence

Sheldon Lavin has a vision to help millions of people across the world. In many ares of the world, people do not have access to basic food and education. This is a huge issue that Sheldon Lavin wants to help solve. He is excited about new technology that will help him with this goal.

Sheldon Lavin recently won an award for being a global visionary. He wants to see more children in developing nations receive basic access to education. He believes that this is the best way for nations to develop for the future.

In the coming years, Sheldon Lavin is going to continue leading OSI Group to new heights. He has invested a lot of time and money into various projects outside of work. He also likes to help mentor young people in business who want to follow his example. Sheldon Lavin believes that anyone can change the world through their actions.

Learn More:

Oncotarget is One of the Top Peer Reviewed Medical Journals

The first two scientific journals in the world were published by the Royal Society in England in 1665 and were the first of their kind in the world. The two journals to be published were “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society” and the other being “Journal des Scavants.” The published of these two journals has led to thousands of scientific periodicals being published since then with the study of medicine and biomedical sciences being published on the internet or print.Oncotarget is one of the medical journals to be descended from these two and is an open access one focusing on all aspects of oncology. The world of medical research in the biomedical science area can be one of fierce competition.

Researchers are constantly vying for sponsorship, credit for their research, and focused on making a new medical discovery. While this drive is necessary in the world of oncology and even encouraged, it has led to many researchers actively feeling competitive with their fellow researchers. Exceptional discoveries made in one lab may be unavailable to another one that could have a significant impact on research simply because of such fierce competition.Oncotarget provides a necessary platform where the open access journal has made it easier for researchers in the community to access information on oncology. The goal of Oncotarget is to have a life free of disease, but this goal can only be achieved by researchers working together.

The open access nature of oncotarget has made it easier for researchers to have access to each other’s research which can be applied to their own studies. Hopefully leading to exceptional discoveries being made in the field.The peer reviewed medical journal is also widely popular due to providing insightful, constructive, and punctual research with each of the papers published. They allow free access to the papers published which come out in online, weekly issues. Each issue of the medical journal can also be printed upon special request. The mission of the medical journal is to make research more widely available and easier to access for people in the oncology medical community.

Spread You Wine Knowledge with Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines

From making wines to empowering women, Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines have paved the way for future wine entrepreneurs. The majority of the wine business is being ran by men however the Jackson family hopes to change that someday. They help women to see that there is a place for them in the business world. With Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, they donate upwards of $100,000 annually to different nonprofits that help to empower women through spirit, community and equality.

For Julia Jackson, she knows that there is not nearly enough girls or young women in the media for little girls to look up to. She knows that because of this, there is the lack of empowerment for girls and ladies. She hopes to help change that through the empowerment group they run. They hope to have more women show signs of gaining strength from the adversity they have been dealt. Learn more about Julia at

Julia Jackson spent the vast majority of her early years running through the vineyards of her family’s business. She loved to help the family pick the grapes as well as to sorting through them. Julia was raised to learn everything that she needed to know in order to take over the family business at some point down the road. Currently she is the spokesman for the company and this helps her to stay involved with the family business. Currently her mother is the one leading the company however when it comes her time, Julia will be ready to take over.

Julia is not the only Jackson to remain involved in the family business. When her father passed away in 2011, her mother gained the family business and this helps Julia to check over everything within the business. Julia’s sister Katherine is also someone who is very business savvy in relations to the types of wine there are. For her, she works hard to ensure that all their vineyards are top of the line and therefore can accept nearly everything that comes her way.

Goettl is the Go To Air Conditioning Service of the SouthWest

Goettl Air conditioning service has been a leading supplier of cooling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration since 1939. We have specialized in the control systems and maintenance services for commercial and residential applications, in some of the` harshest weather that Phoenix, AZ has to offer.

Goettl Air Conditioning company has a long experience in defining industry innovation in intelligent, energy-efficient and reliable solutions for comfort in buildings and different technological needs. Integrated HVAC-R systems Goettl Air Conditioning service and solutions to improve production performance, increase the quality of life of people in the buildings, and help owners and operators to achieve business objectives and performance indicators in comfortable conditions, ideal for increased performance of your business.

Management throughout the life of the system HVAC form the basis of the building of infrastructure and serve the structure for decades to come. With nearly a century’s worth of experience, the Goettl Air Conditioning understands that the cost of operation alone, HVAC infrastructure are nearly four times the volume of capital expenditure. The cost of electricity, maintenance, repairs and associated labor costs can amount to 80% of a building’s life cycle. What we offer is expertise, which will manage the lifecycle of HVAC systems, optimize, and reduce total cost of ownership. During the planning and conceptual design stages, we use our technical expertise and knowledge of the different types of buildings, homes and apartments which ensures a good start in the development of technical specifications.

Even at the design stages Goettl Air Conditioning engineers are eligible to work with you to help you specify and choose the best equipment and controls that will meet your standards. Integrated HVAC systems our company manufactures HVAC equipment, systems and control modules of equipment for both commercial and residential locations nationwide, and we are also known for how well we manage the equipment and systems and how efficiently they serve our clients.

We invest significant resources in innovation with HVAC systems through methods that are well researched in air conditioning development centers. Regardless of the specific tasks (modernization, reconstruction or creation of a new system), our projects are always focused on the following factors: reliability; energy efficiency; responsibility for the state of the environment; technological competence; design with the latest technology; operational efficiency; and satisfaction of individual customer requirements regardless of their complexity.

Goettl Air Conditioning provides service at the launch of a project, or installation of turnkey conditioning, to ensure trouble-free operation, we offer a wide range of services, from solutions for temporary cooling to monitoring of energy parameters and heating services, ensuring you peace and supporting facilities investment over its lifetime.

Poor Indoor Air Quality: 3 Contributing Factors


How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Closing that Gap to Amazon

Amazon is not too concerned about the nearest competitor in the fashion e-commerce market because they have such a huge gap to everyone else. To better understand this in numerical terms, of all the thousands of clothing companies all fighting for that same dollar, Amazon gets to enjoy bringing in 20 percent of every sale. That has been keeping the other retailers in line until recently when Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has decided to separate themselves from the pack and close the gap to Amazon. In only three short years, Fabletics has made an impressive $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear.


There really is a secret why this particular athleisure brand has begun to grow in popularity. Although it doesn’t hurt a celebrity name is attached to the company, Hudson says the real reason for the growth of her company is reverse showrooming and her unique membership perks program. Take a short drive to any Fablectics store at the mall and just look how these women are shopping. The store is full of customers who are trying on everything and window-shopping when they are pressed for time. There isn’t any pressure from employees to buy merchandise, the shoppers are free to take the lifestyle quiz and just browse at their convenience.


We discover what separates the rest of this fashion e-commerce market to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. When you have the time to visit the online store, everything you had been wearing inside the mall will be uploaded to your online account. This makes it very easy for you to just continue shopping where you left off. Rather than ordering a single piece and then waiting for it to arrive so you can decide if you want to order more, you know everything fits perfectly because you had it on in the store, so shopping now is all about surfing the expansive online inventory for everything from leggings to tank tops.


Membership at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does include a few other perks that are driving sales in record numbers to this company. Free shipping on all orders, discounted pricing on active-wear, and even a personal shopping assistant for your shopping convenience. Your shopper picks a piece each month based on that lifestyle quiz you took, and you can either select, reject, or just shop for something else. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has discovered the real way to a women’s heart, it is all about pampering.