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Top Tips to Know about Stream Energy

If you are on the quest to save energy consumption in your home, you might be confused about where to start and what to do after receiving that huge, jaw-dropping bill. Rest assured there is a way to beat high energy consumption and it’s just by checking your appliances. We often tend to think that energy consumption revolves around actually using up electricity, perhaps to charge our phones, switching on various appliances in the house. However, has it ever occurred to you that plugged in devices that are not in active use, e.g., a switched off the TV or a toaster, and washing machine, that is still plugged in also consume energy? The rate at which power is consumed is akin to a slowly dripping faucet; the impact is not felt suddenly but with over time, you realize huge bills as you are now. All you need is discipline, shut off power entirely from the main when not actively using your appliances and you stand to save money that can be pulled into other financial needs. Read more about Stream Energy at


With Stream Energy, you have the chance to save energy and moreover, reduce the bills efficiently managing your finances. The stream is a leading company that provides home solutions through sales. It initially began as retail electricity and natural gas firm but quickly grew to become a leading direct sales company in the global energy market. It is also a provider of Stream Connected Services (i.e., Wireless Services, Energy Services, Home Services, and Protective Services) that work intermittently to complement customers’ lifestyles, and keeping them interlinked, wherever they are. Learn more at Biz Journals about Stream Energy.


In 2014, Stream Energy employed multi-level marketing as its formal sales channel. Having recruited through Ignite, a separate marketing division that was merged into the Stream brand. All Stream services are available nationwide, save for the Stream Energy Services which are currently available in Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C., and Illinois.


Built on value, trust, and simplicity, Stream Energy continues to innovate and provide services that maintain customers’ connectivity to essential things in life, i.e., their home and families.


American Institute of Architects, Building With Resourceful Insight

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) brings together design, innovation and experience. Together, they’re changing how society views Architects and underscores their importance to the framework of commercial and residential buildings. Whether the project build is a big one or a small one, the AIA provides Architects with valuable resources. The AIA was founded by a small group of 13 architects, lead by Richard Upjohn. They gathered in a New York office, to form an organization that would promote their industry. Today, the network has expanded to 90,000 members in the US and abroad. The mission of the AIA is simple, to provide member partners with updated resources and other invaluable information about the best practices in the industry.

AIA is more than just a member organization. Because Architects aren’t just members, but instead are referred to as, community “partners.” The AIA goes beyond standard membership benefits to include ways to connect with other partners, how to increase brand awareness, survey results about home trend designs, educational programs, and marketing exclusives and other useful information; all related to running a successful Architecture firm. Partners are also provided with resourceful client insight and reports about economic indicators.

Few network organizations can say that they’ve been around since 1857. That’s because of AIA dedication and integrity to fostering industry growth. Architect partners receive practical information about forming, developing and running a firm. Member partners receive honors, awards and recognition as they are kept informed about advocacy, policies and publications that affect Architects, as a whole. The AIA includes women and young architects and the organization conducts a leadership institute and holds regular events and conferences for training and networking.

The idea behind the American Institute of Architects is to foster industry excellence through practice and education. The AIA provides everything that’s needed to operate an Architectural firm; it doesn’t matter if it’s an individual Architect’s practice or a staff of Architects, working together as a company. In addition to the aforementioned resources, AIA partners also have access to over 180 construction forms and contracts. The resources are provided in an easy-to-use format with the most used ones listed by standard form number. Important, because no project build can move to groundbreaking without a contractual agreement; which outlines all incorporated rights and responsibilities. These responsibilities are between the owner, the architect and the contractors and subcontractors.


Technology Plus Innovation Equals Eric Pulier

Smartphones, laptops, high definition televisions, tablets, smart appliances, software and other electronic items have some of the most advanced technology components. Even certain business and industrial equipment are full of innovation. We are living in some of the most modern times, which has made our lives much more convenient. Each and every one of these devices were just a basic concept at one point in time. The people who are responsible for producing such innovation are some of the most intellectually gifted people on the planet. Eric Pulier just so happens to be one of them, and he has single handedly taken over the game with his brilliance.

Eric Pulier is a trend setter on many different levels. The guy has worked with some of the biggest and most influential names of the mainstream. In 1997, Pulier was chosen to build and present an exhibit for former President Clinton’s second inauguration in Washington D.C. This exhibit was known as “Bridge To The 21st Century,” and it displayed some of the most modern advancements in technology and how it would be used in the future. The exhibit was a hit as it was broadcasted across numerous cable networks. Thousands of people attended the event such as celebrities, senators and other political figures. Pulier has also worked with former Vice President Al Gore on a wide range of forum topics. This guy’s mind is constantly in overdrive as he has come up with some of the most brilliant ideas. Pulier also does a lot of reading as well as brainstorming. He is a self-made success thanks to his extraordinary ingenuity.

His accomplishments are set in stone as he has been the founder of at least 15 tech companies. This includes Akana Software, U.S. Interactive, FLF, Digital Evolution, vAtomic System and Desktone. He has also introduced technology into underserved communities and have helped to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for charity. Eric Pulier personifies the words innovation and technology to the highest degree.

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Imran Haque – Embracing High Technology in the Treatment of Diseases

In the United States of America alone, study shows that about 29 million people have Diabetes, a figure that translates to 9.3 percent. The numbers are expected to rise if people will not desist from their poor eating habits as well as sedentary lifestyles. Diabetes is a disease that adversely affects the body’s ability to respond or to produce the vital hormone, insulin.

For the sugar to be used as a source of energy, the human body requires insulin. The lack of this essential hormone results in having excess glucose in the urine and body due to abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates. Three main types of diabetes include Diabetes Type1, 2 and 3. If they are not treated, they can be deadly.

However, masses believe that treating this disease is an uphill task. This is a far-fetched statement as with a complete change of lifestyle one can effectively beat the disease. Some habits such as drinking, are hard to let go, and they can be a risk factor for diabetes. Others are hard to adopt such as maintaining a healthy diet and regular physical exercise. Having a doctor to help you is also very important, as specialist such as the ever-committed Dr. Imran Haque, who will help one to overcome this ailment.

Dr. Imran Haque has broad wealth of experience, reputation and accreditation from the licensed internist in North Carolina. Dr. Imran Haque is committed to giving his patients a passionate as well as personalized medical treatment to the time they recover. He has spent over 15 years practicing internal medicine, and this places Dr. Imran Haque, the right person to offer a plethora of treatment services ranging from diabetes management, assist clients to shed excess weight and also helping them to maintain a healthy and normal body weight.

Dr. Imran Haque works at the Horizon Internal Medicine Clinic, a clinic well known for conforming to the latest trends in medical technology, appropriate for efficient identification of diseases and treatment. At the hospital, patients can as well benefit from robotics and other non-invasive surgical procedures that are way too accurate.

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