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Gooee Lighting Contributes Expertise to Home and Business Owners with Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a fairly new luxury found within high-tech households. Gooee lighting is a company that provides experienced individuals who offer IoT Solutions to their clients. Gooee Smart lighting is one of their areas of expertise.

While it may not be cheap, it is not difficult. The simplest way to get started with smart lighting is to buy accessories or devices that can be used for special tasks. Smart lighting can be controlled with timers and can be controlled from a smartphone. You can also monitor the status of the bulbs and other equipment. Smart lights can even be hooked up to special networks to create mind-blowing effects.

There are two different types of smart lighting devices. Some are sensor-activated while others do not use sensors. Despite not having sensors, smart lights still fall into their specific category because they can be programmed. The two ways that smart lights are controlled are through control hubs and other internet-connected devices. As long as the devices are connected to the internet wirelessly or operate using Bluetooth and can be programmed, they are considered smart lights.

The Contribution of Securus Video Visitation in Lifting the Inmates Spirits at the Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies has been in the industry for 30 years where they have been giving phone and communication services to the incarcerated in North America. Their services include monitoring of products and services, communication, biometric analysis, providing information to the public as well as responding in the quickest ways possible to the emergencies. Securus has around 800 products on the market. A sales team of around 100 workers who under the leadership of John Bell work together in using the high technology available to deliver services/products in the correctional facilities. This is according to Financial Times.


Securus Technologies offer a video visitation service that allows the inmates to video chat with their loved ones. The video visitation is either on-site where a person schedules a visit on an earlier date at his/her convenient time. The at-home visits happen at the comfort of your home with an internet connection and a computer/PC with a webcam as the only requirement. Apple and Android Smartphone too are used to facilitate communication. At-home visits are easier since there is no travel required and there are no limited visitation times. Additionally, the inmate can take part in the activities taking place in their loved one’s environment at the date of the call. However, the person will have to create a Securus online account. For more information on this, visit here.


Children and spouses can hold parties and concerts to celebrate an incarcerated loved one and involve them in the activity through a video chat. There is a lot of emotion involved in this, and the inmates more often than not feel overwhelmed by the gesture. There is a lift to their spirits knowing that there are people that care about them. Video visitations have given the parents a chance to appreciate their children talents, at the same time the kids earn the recognition from a significant person in their lives. A concert in your honor is one thing that would melt everyone’s heart, and when it is a dedication to an inmate, it can do wonders. A concert video on gives an example of such situations.


Studies have shown that video visitations from loved ones play a vital role in ensuring in incarcerated person does not commit any other crime. The reason behind this may be their involvement in their loved one’s lives and the appreciation that they get from time to time. Securus Technologies have realized this through their Video visitation services.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Leads the Cause for Treating Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been regarded as the doctor to lead the charge when it comes to diagnosing and treating sleep apnea in America. A large percentage of the population continues to go untreated, but Dr. Avi Weisfogel is determined to not only give patients a better assessment but to ensure that patients get what they need to help them treat sleep apnea in a better way.

As the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel is committed to raising awareness of this sleep disorder which affects millions of lives. This condition is serious and it’s sleep physicians and sleep labs that need to open up a dialogue about how to treat this condition in an easier fashion. Dr. Weisfogel’s position is, the sooner the better. This is why Dr. Weisfogel has fostered the concept of a new model for physicians. The sooner that these individuals can get care the more likely they are to get the medical attention that they need to correct the problem.

Physicians and dentists can work together by giving patients a less expensive option as well as a less invasive solution. Most patients aren’t getting the benefits they hoped for with traditional machinery, and using the dental devices is proving to give better results much faster. As dentists like Dr. Weisfogel continue to find ways to improve a patient’s quality of life with dental treatment, patients will be relieved financially as well as physically.

Overall, the main goal that Dr. Weisfogel has in mind is to expose dental patients to smaller devices that are not only quieter but they are also easier to use.

Adam Goldenberg Is On A Track For Great Success

Adam Goldenberg is JustFab’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. In 2013 alone, the company managed to gross more than $ 50 million dollars and took in ShowDazzle, a show company, as part of its own. Currently, JustFab products are being marketed in many different regions, including France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. They have even touched base with the popular brand, Fabletics, starting up a partnership on Crunchbase.

Adam first got started on his ambitions at a young age compared to most, as he became an entrepreneur at the age of just 13 years old. It was at this time he was able to start up his own bulletin board service online. Following this, Adam wanted to take it even further and start up his own company, which he did when he was 15 years old. The company he founded was known as Gamer’s Alliance.

Goldenberg ran the company for around 3 years and then ended up selling it to Intermix Media, the parent company for MySpace. Brett Brewer, the Founder and President of Intermix, was actually impressed with Adam’s work and decided he wanted to hire him. Once Adam had received this offer, he decided to drop out of school and start working at Intermix as Vice President in Strategic Planning. He quickly showed his talents and managed to get promoted to the company’s COO, one of their youngest ever.

In 2001, Adam Goldenberg decided to start up a partnership with Don Ressler, and when he agreed, they created a company together. This company was an e-commerce platform, called Alena Media. The company was doing extremely well for a while, until Intermix was taken over by another corporation, News Corp. They acquired the company in 2005, but said they didn’t want anything to do with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s e-commerce company. This caused Adam and Don to leave Alena Media behind and try something new, since they now knew they held the key for success in the industry. They got together with the former members of their last company, Alena Media, and brainstormed on new ideas for a company. After a while they came to an agreement on an idea, which spawned Intelligent Beauty.

Through Intelligent Beauty, Dermstore was launched, which ended up being a market for people to looking for and buy different products for cosmetics and skin care. Within two years of Dermtore, they then launched the company Sensa, both of which were finding success. By 2010, JustFab was just opening its doors as a subscription based e-commerce retailer.

Terry Baltes Makes His Mark In The Real Estate Industry With Baltes Commercial Realty

Terry Baltes is the Managing Member at Baltes Commercial Realty, LTD. Baltes received his Bachelor of Science, Finance, Marketing, and Real Estate From The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. Baltes was also involved in the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega. Baltes Commercial Realty, LTD is celebrating its 36th anniversary.

Baltes Commercial Realty LTD has established a reputation a reputation of success in the Midwest real estate field. Dayton, Ohio is the primary base of Baltes Commercial Realty, LTD, but they also do business in other places throughout Ohio. Terry Baltes also has clients in other states, such as Kansas and Indiana. Baltes Commercial Realty has begun listing properties in states like Louisiana and West Virginia. Baltes wants to sell properties outside of Ohio, and is looking forward to meeting the challenges in different locations. Baltes wants his company to place an emphasis on action and having successful client relationships. These values helped grow Baltes Commercial Realty, LTD. By establishing strong relationships with owners and investors, Baltes Commercial Realty has raised over a billion dollars in revenue. Baltes started his own company just a few years after graduation, and is proud that the company is still going strong after 36 years.

Hotel guests have gotten used to perks, such as free WiFi and complimentary breakfasts. Recently, there has been discussion that the industry may soon be reaching its peak in regards to customer satisfaction. The annual study is conducted by J.D. Power, and measures guest satisfaction across multiple hotel segments, such as luxury, upscale, midscale, and extended stay. Overall satisfaction continues to improve every year. The luxury segment received the highest improvement grade. The Ritz Carlton rated out with the highest score of all the hotels. Other hotels that were honored include The Hilton Garden Inn and Drury Hotel.