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ClassDojo Connects Homes and Schools

Five years ago, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had a dream: To launch an ed-tech startup that made school classes more efficient and interactive. The basic premise was already there but research had to be done in order to pinpoint the main problems of education in public, private and charter schools. Educators were asked to open up about the obstacles they have to face every day. Their answers helped understand the situation and shape the project. The result of that effort was ClassDojo, an app that serves as a private social network to connect teachers, parents and students through photo, video and text.

Today, having been embraced by the teaching community, the startup has grown enormously. ClassDojo has transformed the teaching experience in two-thirds of all schools across the nation as well as 90% of school districts. Last summer the app was downloaded by over 500,000 people in 180 countries every day.

Essentially, ClassDojo is a communication platform between teachers, parents and students that fosters support while creating community-oriented interaction. It empowers users by providing tools that can help achieve ground-up change in the classroom. Using the app teachers can upload photos, videos, classwork and other materials to private groups that can be viewed and approved by parents. Simultaneously, parents can track the progress of their child, get announcements and even message teachers directly.

Perhaps, though, the biggest accomplishment of ClassDojo has been creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools that thrive on collaboration. By providing new routes of communication it allows home and school to integrate in a seamless manner. The app aspires not to replace teachers but to enable them to do their best work shaping the minds of students. Its tools were designed to enhance an educator’s personal teaching method while also keeping parents and students up-to-date about classwork and other relevant information.

This community-oriented philosophy has already proven itself effective. Without spending any money on marketing, Class Dojo has grown exclusively by word of mouth and personal recommendations. That is a tremendous feat that reflects how educators, parents and kids everywhere have embraced this startup. Chaudhary realizes the importance of incentivizing an open environment of support for each and every user. “We’re going to be the company that really listens to teachers, parents and kids,” he says, happily revealing ClassDojo’s real secret to success.

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Madison Street Capital COO Proves His Prowess Through the NACVA Program

Anthony Marsala, the Chief Operating Officer at Madison Street Capital, has proved his worth after appearing among 40 individuals chosen for the Forty Under 40 program by NACVA. The program brings together professionals in the business word who have made positive impact and have a promising career. Across all aspects included during the review of entrants to the promotion, Anthony Marsala performed remarkably well, which confirms the reason Madison Street Capital has been moving towards prosperity under his stewardship.

In the spirit of encouraging future leaders, NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute created the Forty Under 40 program, which recognizes and awards 40 individuals who have contributed immensely in the growth of ideas and businesses. The program offers the next generation of industry mavericks a good opportunity to showcase their skills to the world. This is made possible through press release articles and publications that are made honoring the 40 selected individuals.

Generally, there were more than 125 nominees, who took part in the program. Only 40 made it to the final list due to the considerations that were held while scrutinizing professionals for the awards. Only those who have a proved record and extraordinary advances were able to proceed to the final stage.

Anthony Marsala, who has worked with several corporations, was featured in the program due to the achievements he has made and his competence level. He co-founded Madison Street Capital and has been working as the Chief Operating Officer, delivering focused leadership. Anthony has been instrumental in driving the company to achieving international presence. He oversees due diligence and the performance of the analytical team within the company to ensure their clients are offered accurate and helpful services.

Anthony is a Loyale University of Chicago alumnus and he earned a degree in Finance and Information Systems from this institution. He also pursued a Master’s degree in Strategy at Oxford University.

About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital delivers investment banking services to different companies. The company operates on an international outlook and offers excellence, leadership and services that are inspired by integrity. The company offers financial advisory and asset management services, which include mergers and acquisitions, portfolio valuation services and financial sponsor coverage.

Madison Street Capital also offers goodwill and intangible asset impairment, which is a service that includes analyses of key areas to come up with detailed information for decision making. These services include computing implied goodwill or fair value as well as calculating the value of each unit. They also assign acquired assets to the right units for reporting. Additionally, Madison Street Capital helps companies to become tax compliant by preparing objective valuations that help to enhance tax compliance.

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Desiree Perez Brings Big Names To Tidal

Tidal is the newest music streaming service on the market today. For a small subscription fee, customers can stream music from their favorite artists similar to current platforms on on Tidal is a music streaming service for the artists. Big name platforms such as Apple and Spotify have been under fire lately and have, unfortunately, had many award winning artists drop themselves from having their music streamed on their platforms. It’s mostly been an issue with how artists are credited and paid for having their music streamed either for free or with a small subscription fee. Either way, a few artists believed that they weren’t being compensated enough for this exposure.

At Tidal, artists no longer have to worry about that issue since the music streaming service was created by artists for artists. Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles-Carter are the sole artists responsible for creating a one of a kind music streaming platform like Tidal. Along with co-owners, Rihanna, Kanye West, and T.I., Knowles and Jay Z are able to compensate artists that are featured on Tidal as well as themselves. They essentially cut out the middle man, Spotify and Apple Music, and allowed the profits to flow directly to them. They can stream any sort of music they see fit to the Tidal name.

However, it hasn’t been all thanks to the artists. A long time veteran of the music industry, Desiree Perez, is said to be helping out Jay Z as he and his fellow artists pave their way in this new territory. She’s a firm negotiator and has proven so by negotiating terms for Beyonce’s “Formation tour” and a Samsung sponsorship deal for Rihanna. Perez has a know how that can only be learned from years of experience and she is most definitely putting it to good use for Jay Z and his fellow artists. The success of Tidal’s music streaming platform can attest to that.

Perez, and a few other members of an inner circle from Roc Nation, are the driving force behind Tidal. If Perez is behind the wheel, Jay Z and other artists continue shelling out music for their fans, and Tidal is focused on amplifying new music then it will definitely continue to soar in popularity and show the music and streaming industry that they Tidal is here to stay and make waves.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Wants All Women To Find Their Inner Diva

Women are trying to find their inner diva when they come to see Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she wants to make sure that they have the best options for finding their inner diva with surgeries and procedures. All women who are coming into the office of Dr. Jennifer need to ask how they are going to get the results they want, and then they need to make sure that they are going to have a procedure that they feel comfortable with.

It is very easy for a woman to be sure that they can change their bodies well, and they can sit down with Dr. Jennifer to see what will happen when they want to make a change to the way that they look. A woman who is making these changes is going to learn what the best course of action is for them, and they also need to be sure to get help from someone that knows what the results will look like.

The patient and Dr. Jennifer work together to see what can be done, and then they will come up with a treatment plan that works best for both of them. It is all about how the patient feels, and a patient will feel very good when they are sure that they can get what they need. It is a very easy process for most women to go through, and they will learn pretty quickly that they can make the changes that they want. Women who want to look a certain way will have a very easy time changing, and then they will be able to show that they can make their bodies looks great.

Dr. Jennifer is one of the best in her industry, and she wants to be sure that all women have a chance to find their inner diva. She can help a woman look a lot younger, and she can show women the way to looking their best without feeling like they have made a difficult choice. Dr. Jennifer makes changing one’s body with plastic surgery easy, safe and simple for the patient.


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