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Wen, the One Use for All Hair Care

Can you no longer stand having to buy a dozen of hair care bottles? Is your shower filled with shampoo, conditioner, detanglers, deep conditioner products and leave-in conditioner? Perhaps your bathroom shelf is also crowded with backup supplies of each of these products as well and it’s overcrowding your shelf space. Instead of feeling happy about these dozen or so bottles are you feeling frustrated? WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner may be the answer to your struggles. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is all of these products in one bottle. If you need backup bottles in your bathroom all you need to do is have a few spare bottles of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner on your bathroom shelf. Then you can restock a few more bottles whenever you need to. Wen hair is available on Amazon.
As described in a Bustle article and on its QVC ad, Wen Cleansing Conditioner may be used as a shampoo and conditioner with a certain wash process. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner must be used upon drenched hair. Then a certain number of pumps from the bottle must be used based on the hair’s length or thickness. Wen’s creator -Chaz Dean- recommends people with short hair should use ten to sixteen pumps from the Wen bottle. He says for medium hair sixteen to twenty-four pumps is a good amount. For very long hair Chaz says that twenty-four to thirty-two pumps should get the hair cleaned and conditioned properly. Drenched hair must have the Wen Cleansing Conditioner worked through the hair in massage like motions. After working the product throughout the hair, you must completely rinse the product out with warm or room temperature water. They’re pretty basic steps, but they are vital to stick to when using the Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

Wen may additionally be used on the hair as a detangler, deep conditioner or leave-in by a certain method of application. After washing and conditioning the hair with the Wen product in the shower, just administer a small amount of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner to your hair. This will act as a leave-in conditioner and a detangler to avoid tangled messes.

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Dick DeVos & a Story of Success to Make a Father Proud

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, and in many ways this fact has defined who he grew up to be. DeVos’ father was the co-founder of Amway and was one of the top CEOs for years. His father introduced DeVos into the business world when he was very young. This was to the point that child’s play was almost business-related. DeVos and his brother used to help host some of the business clients that his father had invited to their home. This was something that DeVos and his brother did while they were just kids.

DeVos began to get more and more involved in his father’s business. DeVos began to give speeches as young teenager and helped do some product demonstrations as well. DeVos definitely got a crash course in business and business relations at a young age. Perhaps this was the reason that he decided to go into the business as well. Dick DeVos decided to attend Northern University, which is where he got his bachelor’s degree in business administration. But he was not done because he also got honorary doctorates from Grove City College, Central Michigan University, and the Northern University school.

DeVos started working at Amway back in 1974 but did not assume a vice president position until 1984. This was his wish, as he wanted to earn the position, and he did. DeVos actually helped his father’s company expand into other markets around the world. He tripled international sales, which made everyone happy. In fact, his sales surpassed domestic sales. This was the first time that international sales had surpassed home-based sales. It is reported that DeVos is considered the 67th richest man in the country, and his wealth is considered to be around 5.1 billion dollars.

But all his successes have helped him become a man that his father could be proud of. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that he is so active in philanthropy work or perhaps it is simply in his heart. DeVos has been involved in all kinds of fund-raisers and projects like the John F. Kennedy Center for Performance Arts. The project will help revitalize the center by adding a riverfront pavilion as well as a bridge linking the pavilion to the center for pedestrians. There is also going to be educational services, rehearsal space, offices, and even dining spaces. This is all in hopes to revitalize the city as well as the pavilion.

Avi Weisfogel Participates in Funding Operation Smile’s Activities.

Avi Weisfogel is a highly experienced dentist, who is based in New Jersey and currently practices at the Old Bridge Dental Care. He has been recognized for being the best dentist in the region due to his ability to treat complicated oral conditions. Doctors based in New Jersey and other parts of the country refer patients to him. Dr. Weisfogel has an incredible passion for education and therefore, he sets aside 200 hours annually to study and increase proficiency in his field. The beneficial knowledge that he gains makes his practice smooth and also enables him to attend appropriately to his patients.

Avi is also the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, an organization that does research on sleep disorders. The institution’s work majors on discovering ways that sleep conditions can be treated by the use of orally administered cures. Dr. Weisfogel has focused and has ample knowledge on the treatment of sleep apnea. He is a family man and has six children. His love for children and willingness to participate in making people’s lives better inspired him to start a campaign to facilitate Operation Smile’s activities.

Weisfogel recently announced the launch of a GoFundMe campaign that will help in raising funds for Operation Smile, which is a medical charity foundation. GoFundMe is a website that is used in raising funds online to support various humanity missions across the world. Avi gave a donation of 2000 dollars to help in starting the charity’s operations, and he also encourages people to contribute to making a child’s life better. Operation Smile offers free surgical procedures on children and youths suffering from oral problems such as cleft palates and cleft lips.

Operation Smile ensures the success of its missions by forming partnerships with governments, non-governmental organizations, and various professionals in the medical field. It deploys medical equipment and personnel to different parts of the world to ensure that all children get quality health care services that they deserve. Operation Smile was established to help needy children in the Philippines by Bill and Kathy Magee in 1982. It has however grown into an international organization and has benefited more than 220,000 individuals.

Richard Blair’s Investment Advisory Solutions

Wealth Solution (WSI) is an Austin, Texas-based company that deals with investment advisory. It provides its clients with beneficial investment advice, and most of its customers are located in New Braunfels, Georgetown, Marbles Falls, Bastrop, Houston, and Austin. The company’s customers are mostly families or individuals with a high net worth and small business owners. The firm helps its clients to transform conveniently and adopt the newest financial policies since the capital markets are steadily growing. WSI’s services are designed to form dynamic and ideal investment strategies that help clients to conduct their business in an environment that is faced by the minimum risk possible. The firm focuses on helping people to invest and secure their wealth for the future since they understand that individuals would need to have a sustainable life and inheritance for their children after they retire. Financial strategies that WSI provide ensure that clients get the best lives after retirement.

WSI provides its wealth advisory services with a property management plan that guides clients on how to best accumulate and secure their fortune. The strategies help customers in managing their assets by designing appropriate investment portfolios that go in hand with the client’s wishes. The firm takes the responsibility of protecting the investors from preventable risks as they trade in the markets. WSI’s property management methods are useful to investors since they can utilize them to gain access to various opportunities such as alternative investment classes.

Wealth Solution Inc. is owned by Richard Blair, who also founded it in 1994. It was Mr. Blair’s first achievement after he completed college in 1993 and has served dozens of clients for the past twenty years that it has been active. Richard holds various professional titles, which include Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP). The primary objective that Richard Blair had when starting the company was to better the financial knowledge of individual entrepreneurs, small business owners, and family owned companies.

Richard Blair has been raised in an environment with has many teachers. His wife, mother and grandmother are all teachers and, therefore, he has been able to learn on how teaching can be critical in boosting one’s confidence. Mr. Blair uses his natural skill in finance and teaching ability to enhance his client’s investment and financial potential. Richard has been in the investment advisory business for a couple of years and therefore he has ample experience.

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Online Reviews Reveals White Shark Media Has a Lot to Show for Its Record of Accomplishments

One thing that you should look for while seeking for online marketing experts is their record of accomplishments. It is critical you find an agency that has a lot to show for its record of achievements. A company that does not only seek to do its job but make sure their customers have great experience working together. White Shark Media is one such digital marketing agency.

If you happen to look at White Shark Media reviews, you will notice that many mid-sized and small businesses have started working with White Shark Media and have recorded remarkable results. Some have recorded immediate results, and others have experienced a significant increase in sales and visits – The company has been recommended for its professionalism and a lot of efficiency and wisdom when it comes to their projects.

According to reviews on, White Shark Media stand out the most in professionalism and attentiveness of its specialist. The experts take the time to work with their clients and analyze the type of business involved. They sit down with customers and discuss the strategies that can produce the best with their business. Then, they design an advertisement campaign that maximizes profit. As a result, customized campaigns bring forth a lot of return on investment.

On, White Shark Media is described as one of the best company worth looking into for anyone considering boosting their business through online marketing.

For long, White Shark Media has leveraged from both compliments and complaints from its customers. The company believes in embracing complaints as stepping stone for improving its service delivery. For instance, White Shark Media has instituted a phone system with direct extension. Once clients sign up, he or she receive an email with contact details for the contact person and Contact person’s supervisor. This ensures seamless communication whenever clients have concerns without the need to go through reception.

Moreover, the company schedules a monthly meeting with its clients through GOTOMeeting  (get more details: This online platform allows SEM specialist to share a screen with clients as they review a monthly performance of their AdWords campaigns. This ensures clients are updated regarding any aspects of their marketing campaigns.

White Shark Media has announced free AdWords marketing evaluation. Anyone is eligible even if you have never used AdWords before. During the evaluation, you will be able to hear and see everything that is being done, because you will be sharing a screen with AdWords specialist. As a result, you will learn a lot on how AdWords work and how to leverage this powerful tool in online marketing.