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Digital Media Reputation Company Expands To Luxurious Manhattan Office

Earlier in April Status Labs, a digital reputation management company, moved into a bigger and better office in Manhattan, New York. The Texas based company has only been in New York for a year but with the addition of four new professional account management and business development they plan to expand even further across the nation. CEO Darius Fisher states they still plan on hiring five more employees to work in the new Manhattan office and help the team adjust to the expansion. Status Labs currently has an office in Austin and Sao Paulo and but their end game is to eventually become a globally recognized company.

Status Labs is barely six years old and the company has already become a household name in the field of public relations. The digital reputation management firm focuses solely on online presence which includes Google search results, blog posts, articles, news sites, and Google image results. Currently Status Labs has over 1,600 clients spanning across thirty-five countries. Their goal is to create a positive online reputation for their clients by scrubbing Google search results clean of negative information as well as any photos that could damage their client’s reputation. Their main target for negative backlash is hitting Google search results and clearing out any bad press. Google’s algorithm automatically searches for the newest information and places it in the first page of results.

They’re experts in handling digital crises and offer a strategic personalized plan to help their clients navigate through their digital problems and offer guidance on how to proceed afterwards. Fisher and co help companies run social media sites properly as well as give detailed instruction on how to deal with negative comments left on their websites, Facebook page, or Instagram accounts. For clients who don’t yet have a digital presence Fisher’s highly trained professionals help lay out the do’s and don’ts of running a social media account or blog.

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Lawyer-Lighthouse Lists Lawyers By Specialties

Lawyers help clients with many different legal needs. Some may help with family law, some may specialize in commercial or business law, some may help draw up a contract, and some may need a lawyer for a workers compensation case. There may also be the need for a lawyer that will go into court when a client breaks the law. Each lawyer goes to school to learn about the type of law they wish to specialize in. They then go to work for a law firm in their specialty. Some may continue on in their specialty as a career but some may choose another field in the end. Lawyers are highly educated to help their clients with their legal needs. Lawyer-lighthouse is a website that lists different lawyers and their specialties so you can contact the type lawyer you need.

Ross Abelow is a lawyer that is on the lawyer-lighthouse website list. He works hard to help with clients that need contracts, business forms, or a trip to the courthouse. He also works hard to help families with their needs such as wills and legal proceedings related to families. If Ross is your family attorney he will help your family with any legal needs.

The animals on the city streets are in need of a home. When a dog or cat is on the street they are usually searching for food or a warm place to sleep. If they smell food, they will hunt for it. If it is in a trash can, they may knock it over. Dogs that are left on their own on the streets may even end up with sickness or diseases that may be unsafe for people. Animal shelters are too full to house most of the dogs on the streets so they have to be euthanized. Because this is not something Ross agrees with, he started a go fund me page to help animal shelters. Ross hopes the fund will raise enough money to help the shelters buy food and blankets. If there is enough money raised, Ross hopes the shelter will purchase medicine and other supplies to support the local homeless pet population. Every dollar raised help. Donations are greatly appreciated by the local animal shelters.

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George Soros Advises European Union to be Cautious in Addressing Refugees Problems

The self-established billionaire George Soros has cautioned the European Union of an impending danger of its collapse if it fails to allow massive injection of cash to address the refugee crisis. Soros ascertained that a humanitarian calamity was likely to occur in Greece through an essay published in New York Review of Books. In the publication, George Soros pressed on the need to resettle the legitimate refugees in Europe. According to Soros, the EU leaders should seek massive funding instead of relying on the limited funds it accumulates on a yearly basis. Massive spending is a strategy the EU should employ to address the refugee menace effectively.

Refugee resettlement plan

Millions of refugees escaped from Africa and the Middle East on, and relocated to Europe in 2015. Most of them were lured to the European nations following promises of a better life. Currently, a refugee policy has been implemented, and it will address the needs of legitimate refugees. Refugees who will relocate to Greece Illegally will be returned to Turkey in case their asylum application is fake on The EU will proceed to transfer one Syrian refugee residing in Turkish camps in place of every individual sent back.

According to the essay written by George Soros, Europe can handle between 300,000 and 500,000 refugees each year comfortably. However, he proceeded to assure genuine asylum seekers that their issues would also be addressed. The EU will require approximately $34 billion each year to implement the refugee resettlement program effectively.

Therefore, he strongly advises the EU to ensure it has close to $34 billion before proceeding with the implementation process. Soros called for a revision of Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Commissions and adjustment of the VAT contributions. However, urgent separate funding will be required to deal with refugee menace.

Important facts about George Soros

Apart from being the founder of highly successful and lucrative Soros Fund Management, the Hungary-born George Soros is also the most active philanthropist in the world. He witnessed the Nazi occupation of his home country before fleeing to England. His support for capitalisms and political views were majorly influenced by his childhood experiences. Academic wise, Soros is well established he is an alumnus of London School of Economics. Immediately after graduation, Soros relocated to New York City and started a career in finance. Being a talented investor, Soros decided to leave employment and concentrate on his businesses.

Investment style and philanthropic activities

George Soros mastered the art of translating economic trends and identifying perfect investment opportunities for securities and bonds. He is remembered for making successful bets on the financial markets direction. He described the financial market as chaotic. Soros started to participate actively in humanitarian activities in 1979 and proceeded to establish an Open Society Foundations back in 1984. The foundation specializes in funding the global project in the field of public health, judiciary system, education, independent media, and business development. Personally, Soros played a significant role in transforming the lives of needy students by helping them to pursue high education. This articles was originally posted via CNBC;

Yeonmi Park’s Unbelievable Tale Of Survival

Yeonmi Park has captivated people all across the world with her harrowing tale of survival. Park was only thirteen, when she and her mother escaped North Korea by crossing the Yalu River into China. From there, they went on a dangerous journey to South Korea that lasted years. Yeonmi and her mother were forced to endure violence, rape, and constant fear of death during their fight for freedom. Shortly after their escape, Yeonmi’s father joined them. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to experience what they’d tried so hard to achieve and died from untreated colon cancer before they had arrived to their destination. Before young Yeonmi and her mother were able to escape North Korea, her older sister Eunmi had left to escape on her own. During their travel to South Korea they attempted to find Eunmi, but were unsuccessful. They believed they would never see her again.
After arriving in South Korea, Park began to speak publicly about her life in North Korea. In April 2014, South Korean intelligence informed the Parks that they’d found Eunmi and were reunited.

Yeonmi Park has since written her own memoir, Amazon best selling book titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” But, not everyone believes Park’s harrowing tale. Pyongyang has even made a video that attempts to discredit parts of her story. It discussed in an article published by, Yeonmi Park’s North Korean Defector Story. But, she says any inconsistences are because of her grasp of the English language. One thing is certain, it takes a very brave woman to survive what she has and to speak openly about it.

CCMP Capital and its able Ex-CEO Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a multinational private equity investment firm that focuses on leveraging buyouts and growing equity investments. The firm was founded in 1984 and spun out from one of its parent companies in August 2006. The head office of the group is in 245 Park Avenue, New York City, New York in the United States of America. Other offices are found in London, England; Tokyo, Japan; and Hong Kong, China. CCMP Capital provides services in four major industries that are spread across North America and Europe. The industries include Industrial sector; Chemicals and Energy industry; Healthcare sector; and Consumer and Retail industry. As of 2016, the group has at least 50 employees who are highly qualified.

CCMP Capital was founded as Chemical Venture Partners, which acted as a private equity and venture capital of Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank bought out Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996 and changed name of the private equity firm to Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, the group acquired J. P. Morgan & Company. This acquisition coupled with the formation of JPMorgan Chase prompted the group to change name of the equity firm to JP Morgan Partners. JPMorgan Chase acquired Bank One and its private equity firm known as One Equity Partners in 2004.

Acquisition of One Equity Partners prompted the plans to spin out JP Morgan from JPMorgan Chase. JP Morgan started announced plans to become independent in March 2005 and affectively spun out in June the following year. This is the time JPMorgan Chase sold its stake worth $925 in JP Morgan to investors. Most recently, CCMP sold a firm that specializes in Pharmaceutical and biotech research; Medpace to Cinven for a reported $900 million.

CCMP Capital has invested in a number of leading firms, including CCMP Capital Investors II, JP Morgan Partners Global Fund, Brake Bros Limited, Bill Barret Corporation and 1-800 flowers. Additionally, the company has stakes in Pinnacle Foods, Renovo, The Tennis Channel and Smurfit Kappa group.

One person who helped steer the CCMP Capital was Steve Murray. Steve, as colleagues called him, was the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. He became CEO in 2006 after working in various executive capacities in the same group and predecessor firms. Steve Murray was born on August 2, 1962 and passed away as reported by on March 12, 2015, briefly after stepping down due to health complications.

Steve Murray was an alumnus of Boston College and Columbia Business School. Steve sat on the Boards of various organizations before his demise. These organizations include, among others, Octagon Credit Investors, and Jetro JMDH Holdings, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

How Wikipedia Writers Are Changing the World

Students are used to being told that they shouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source for doing research, but the University of Sydney is trying to change that. Educators at this school are having their students create and edit a Wikipedia page as a consolation for not taking exams or writing essays. Knowing that their writing could be seen by many people over the years, gives student the motivation to write good and accurate content. 

These students’ assignments are more than just writing though. They take the time to work together to find the information and will present it to their class. Students are graded on the quality of their work and receive feedback from their peers, as well as Wikipedia editors. Teachers in the English, biology, chemistry, and sociology departments are all taking part in using Wikipedia as a form of coursework for their students. Students are enjoying seeing their work be put into the public and being used by others do to research. 

Wikipedia is becoming a great marketing tool for all types of businesses. When one decides to create a Wikipedia page, businesses or individuals can brand the entry specifically to them and what they do. A Wikipedia page can help drive traffic to your business and improve your reputation. Your own page can also give customers and readers an additional website that is credible and makes your business look professional. When you make a Wikipedia page can get you more customers and sales because more people will be able to find you in search results. 

If you’re interested in Wikipedia business page creation started for you business, be sure to check out details on hiring a Wikipedia editor from a service such as Get Your Wiki. This is the number one resource to use to get you set up with a professional writer who will be able to create a Wikipedia page that will cater to you and your needs. Save time and take the headache out of having to make your own page by connecting with someone who can do the work for you. A Wikipedia page will be able to give your business that extra push into being even more successful, so find a writer to provide you great content today!

Talk Fusion: Changing The Way People Communicate

Talk Fusion is a email piece of software that incorporates video chat into its host of features. Through Talk Fusion its user has the ability to communicate either via video chat, video email, voice chat, and other various ways. The software was created with the purpose helping business professionals throughout the world communicate with one another more easier, faster, efficiently, and certainly without the need on both being present in one mutual location.

The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina says he first got the idea of such a piece of software when he was at an open house looking for potential real estate to move into in North Carolina in 2004. It was while at that open house viewing the property that he decided to record a short video showing off the house, seeking his family’s opinions and approval. At the time it is noted that Reina was a user of the email giant AOL. When he went to upload and send the video he was not able to because AOL did not support video nor did it have the capacity and capabilities to send such a format. It was at that moment that the idea of Talk Fusion was born. Bob contacted his long time tech buddy, and together over the course of three years they they perfected Talk Fusion and officially released in 2007.

They ensure that the said company is following a code of ethics and operates with a degree of high standards. With this backing and recognition from the Direct Selling Association, Talk Fusion has grown into a premier communications piece of software throughout the world.

Before Talk Fusion, the idea that one could simply send video through an email, and see each other face to face without actually having to be physically present, had never been thought of or even attempted. Talk Fusion under the realm of Bob Reina is sure to continue to expand in the world of technology.