The Remarkable Tony Petrello

Unlike the common notion about most oil industry executives, Nabors Industry CEO, Tony Petrello, is famous all the right and noble reasons. Tony Petrello is a name that has been on the lips of many lately due to his kind deeds towards various projects in the society. He recently made a very generous donation of $5 million towards a research initiative and has committed to add an extra $2 million in future. This is among many other projects that Tony has committed himself to spearhead in terms of fundraising efforts.

This charitable and kind spirit was inspired by his daughter’s rare condition which is known as periventricular leukomalacia. It is a condition caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain mostly experienced by premature births. Tony’s wife Cynthia gave birth to Carena at 24 weeks which triggered that condition and consequently resulted to cerebral palsy. This has posed a lot of challenges to the couple, but they decided to deal with the situation positively to seek solutions for their daughter’s problems and other children facing the same issues.

Tony confesses how much the progress he sees in his daughter’s health and general progress is miraculous for him and gives him all the reasons to forge ahead to get lasting solutions for children with cerebral palsy. At the moment, Carena is able to chew and is expected to be able to walk and even talk in the coming days.

After trying out many hospitals for solutions, Tony finally settled for Texas Children’s Hospital where he is also a member of the hospital board of trustees. Tony has a strong zeal and conviction that with the help of Texas Children Neurological Research Institute, her daughter Carena and many other children with the same condition have a chance to be anything they wish to be in life and lead a healthy, happy life.

In addition to making donations towards the children’s hospital research, he also made a handsome contribution of $150, 000 in memory of his very close friend, Serge Lang. Serge was a Math Professor at Yale University.

Tony Petrello is one remarkable person who grew up in Newark and schooled in public schools where he was renowned for his unique abilities in math. This reputation earned him a scholarship to Yale University where he acquired his bachelors and master’s degree and met his mentor, Serge Lang. he then went on and enrolled in Harvard Law School where he specialized in business law. He is currently doing an exemplary job as the CEO of Nabors Industry.

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Bridget Scarr; One of Today’s Most Important Productive Voices

Bridget Scarr is an entrepreneur with a unique perspective on creating valuable content in the production industry. Fueled by her fifteen plus years in the industry, Scarr has produced a variety of content, of varying genres, in a multitude of different mediums. The founder, head of content development, partnerships, and strategy, for Colibri Studios, Bridget says the studio provides her a brand for her own content ideation, after spending the majority of her career bringing other’s to life. Currently working on a historically driven virtual reality project, as well as her first novel and album, It’s easy to see that Scarr believes in the content with which she’s involved.


Things haven’t always been easy for the producer, however, with her first business venture, an eight year old award winning production company, closing its doors due to financially driven forces beyond Scarr’s control. Bridget sights the incident as a learning experience, and one that has most certainly led her to beginning a better businesswoman, and more importantly, a better human being. Though Scarr says the experience was a devastating one, the lessons learned directly contributed to the creation of Colibri Studios, and the more personally driven content that Bridget is now invested in.


Much of Scarr’s life and business philosophy was developed during these trials, and has led the entrepreneur to become a major advocate for meditation. Bridget says she was led on a personal journey through meditation that changed her life, and emphasizes that it can do the same for anyone. Scarr begins her day with meditation and continues on her morning commute. She says this allows her to focus and optimize her work flow, and with the amount of work she’s putting in with Colibri Studios, her attention to detail and high standard of work ethic is very noticeable.


Though Colibri Studios is home to Bridget’s work in a variety of mediums, including her digital and television content, she says it’s augmented reality that excites her most. Scarr recognizes the technology as an amazing asset for education. Working on a historical app that allows the user to take part in important events, through the eyes of the everyday observer, Bridget believes virtual and augmented reality can help introduce a generation to active learning in a way no other has experienced it. Through her years in the industry, her vast amount of knowledge, and her commitment to her content, Bridget Scarr has become one of the most important producers in the industry today.


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Top Tips to Know about Stream Energy

If you are on the quest to save energy consumption in your home, you might be confused about where to start and what to do after receiving that huge, jaw-dropping bill. Rest assured there is a way to beat high energy consumption and it’s just by checking your appliances. We often tend to think that energy consumption revolves around actually using up electricity, perhaps to charge our phones, switching on various appliances in the house. However, has it ever occurred to you that plugged in devices that are not in active use, e.g., a switched off the TV or a toaster, and washing machine, that is still plugged in also consume energy? The rate at which power is consumed is akin to a slowly dripping faucet; the impact is not felt suddenly but with over time, you realize huge bills as you are now. All you need is discipline, shut off power entirely from the main when not actively using your appliances and you stand to save money that can be pulled into other financial needs. Read more about Stream Energy at


With Stream Energy, you have the chance to save energy and moreover, reduce the bills efficiently managing your finances. The stream is a leading company that provides home solutions through sales. It initially began as retail electricity and natural gas firm but quickly grew to become a leading direct sales company in the global energy market. It is also a provider of Stream Connected Services (i.e., Wireless Services, Energy Services, Home Services, and Protective Services) that work intermittently to complement customers’ lifestyles, and keeping them interlinked, wherever they are. Learn more at Biz Journals about Stream Energy.


In 2014, Stream Energy employed multi-level marketing as its formal sales channel. Having recruited through Ignite, a separate marketing division that was merged into the Stream brand. All Stream services are available nationwide, save for the Stream Energy Services which are currently available in Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C., and Illinois.


Built on value, trust, and simplicity, Stream Energy continues to innovate and provide services that maintain customers’ connectivity to essential things in life, i.e., their home and families.


American Institute of Architects, Building With Resourceful Insight

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) brings together design, innovation and experience. Together, they’re changing how society views Architects and underscores their importance to the framework of commercial and residential buildings. Whether the project build is a big one or a small one, the AIA provides Architects with valuable resources. The AIA was founded by a small group of 13 architects, lead by Richard Upjohn. They gathered in a New York office, to form an organization that would promote their industry. Today, the network has expanded to 90,000 members in the US and abroad. The mission of the AIA is simple, to provide member partners with updated resources and other invaluable information about the best practices in the industry.

AIA is more than just a member organization. Because Architects aren’t just members, but instead are referred to as, community “partners.” The AIA goes beyond standard membership benefits to include ways to connect with other partners, how to increase brand awareness, survey results about home trend designs, educational programs, and marketing exclusives and other useful information; all related to running a successful Architecture firm. Partners are also provided with resourceful client insight and reports about economic indicators.

Few network organizations can say that they’ve been around since 1857. That’s because of AIA dedication and integrity to fostering industry growth. Architect partners receive practical information about forming, developing and running a firm. Member partners receive honors, awards and recognition as they are kept informed about advocacy, policies and publications that affect Architects, as a whole. The AIA includes women and young architects and the organization conducts a leadership institute and holds regular events and conferences for training and networking.

The idea behind the American Institute of Architects is to foster industry excellence through practice and education. The AIA provides everything that’s needed to operate an Architectural firm; it doesn’t matter if it’s an individual Architect’s practice or a staff of Architects, working together as a company. In addition to the aforementioned resources, AIA partners also have access to over 180 construction forms and contracts. The resources are provided in an easy-to-use format with the most used ones listed by standard form number. Important, because no project build can move to groundbreaking without a contractual agreement; which outlines all incorporated rights and responsibilities. These responsibilities are between the owner, the architect and the contractors and subcontractors.


Technology Plus Innovation Equals Eric Pulier

Smartphones, laptops, high definition televisions, tablets, smart appliances, software and other electronic items have some of the most advanced technology components. Even certain business and industrial equipment are full of innovation. We are living in some of the most modern times, which has made our lives much more convenient. Each and every one of these devices were just a basic concept at one point in time. The people who are responsible for producing such innovation are some of the most intellectually gifted people on the planet. Eric Pulier just so happens to be one of them, and he has single handedly taken over the game with his brilliance.

Eric Pulier is a trend setter on many different levels. The guy has worked with some of the biggest and most influential names of the mainstream. In 1997, Pulier was chosen to build and present an exhibit for former President Clinton’s second inauguration in Washington D.C. This exhibit was known as “Bridge To The 21st Century,” and it displayed some of the most modern advancements in technology and how it would be used in the future. The exhibit was a hit as it was broadcasted across numerous cable networks. Thousands of people attended the event such as celebrities, senators and other political figures. Pulier has also worked with former Vice President Al Gore on a wide range of forum topics. This guy’s mind is constantly in overdrive as he has come up with some of the most brilliant ideas. Pulier also does a lot of reading as well as brainstorming. He is a self-made success thanks to his extraordinary ingenuity.

His accomplishments are set in stone as he has been the founder of at least 15 tech companies. This includes Akana Software, U.S. Interactive, FLF, Digital Evolution, vAtomic System and Desktone. He has also introduced technology into underserved communities and have helped to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for charity. Eric Pulier personifies the words innovation and technology to the highest degree.

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Imran Haque – Embracing High Technology in the Treatment of Diseases

In the United States of America alone, study shows that about 29 million people have Diabetes, a figure that translates to 9.3 percent. The numbers are expected to rise if people will not desist from their poor eating habits as well as sedentary lifestyles. Diabetes is a disease that adversely affects the body’s ability to respond or to produce the vital hormone, insulin.

For the sugar to be used as a source of energy, the human body requires insulin. The lack of this essential hormone results in having excess glucose in the urine and body due to abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates. Three main types of diabetes include Diabetes Type1, 2 and 3. If they are not treated, they can be deadly.

However, masses believe that treating this disease is an uphill task. This is a far-fetched statement as with a complete change of lifestyle one can effectively beat the disease. Some habits such as drinking, are hard to let go, and they can be a risk factor for diabetes. Others are hard to adopt such as maintaining a healthy diet and regular physical exercise. Having a doctor to help you is also very important, as specialist such as the ever-committed Dr. Imran Haque, who will help one to overcome this ailment.

Dr. Imran Haque has broad wealth of experience, reputation and accreditation from the licensed internist in North Carolina. Dr. Imran Haque is committed to giving his patients a passionate as well as personalized medical treatment to the time they recover. He has spent over 15 years practicing internal medicine, and this places Dr. Imran Haque, the right person to offer a plethora of treatment services ranging from diabetes management, assist clients to shed excess weight and also helping them to maintain a healthy and normal body weight.

Dr. Imran Haque works at the Horizon Internal Medicine Clinic, a clinic well known for conforming to the latest trends in medical technology, appropriate for efficient identification of diseases and treatment. At the hospital, patients can as well benefit from robotics and other non-invasive surgical procedures that are way too accurate.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Performance At Bradesco Proves His High Standing Statute As One Of The Best Banking Executives In Latin America

Banks, especially large ones, are involved in a plethora of services. In addition to traditional banking, they are also involved in stock brokerage, insurance services, investment, marketing and so forth. Consequently, a bank that thrives in these service areas is able to quickly grow and expand its business. Equally, a banker who is conversant in all these service areas is far more likely to have a successful career than one who is not. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one such all-round banker. The current president of Bradesco has worked at the Brazilian bank for close to 50 years now and has in that time held different positions in different service areas. Today, he call on his diverse experience to help his steer one of the largest banks in Latin America to even greater prosperity.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has known no other profession but banking. He joined the banking industry aged only 18 when he took a job as a clerk at Bradesco’s branch in his hometown of Marilia. By 1984 he had already earned a number of promotions and was that year named a marketing director. In his time at this position, he greatly grew the Bradesco brand’s visibility by forging closer ties with the media. In 1999 after coming close to being named the bank’s president at only 47, he was again promoted to the position of executive vice president at Bradesco Seguros, the bank’s insurance unit. He went on to take full control of the insurer only four years later after being named the president in 2003.

After impressing while at Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was finally named the bank’s president in 2009. He faced a hostile business environment in his first year as the world was caught up in a financial crisis, but he managed to guide Bradesco through the storm safely. In the years since he has sought to sustainably grow the Bradesco brand through some well-thought-out strategies. For instance, in 2015 the bank purchased fellow industry player HSBC for slightly over five billion dollars. While the amount involved in the deal was substantial, it was more than worth it for Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s ability to see the bigger picture where others have not is perhaps as a result of his academic background. Unlike many banking executives, he did not study a finance-related course but instead took up philosophy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the highly acclaimed Sao Paulo University and also holds a master’s degree in Socio-Philosophy from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo (FESPSP).

Despite having some legendary individuals as his predecessors, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has managed to instill his own brand of management at Bradesco successfully. He strongly believes in mentoring his subordinates and has even gone as far as setting up a corporate university at the bank. Through this university, executives at Bradesco can get one on one contact with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and soak in any relevant advice on leadership. However, this should not be taken to mean that he is completely different from his predecessors – after all, he did learn a great deal from all of them. Keeping in line with the long-held culture at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has maintained a humble profile. Additionally, he believes in making the client feel wanted even where it may not necessarily translate to profits. All in all, it is safe to say that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s brand of management will likely be adopted by many upcoming banking executives in Brazil and Latin America.

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z Ponder Roc Nation Future

Jay Z is one of the most notable names in hip hop history and he has gotten there by being every bit the media maven and business mogul people see him as today. Jay Z has grown his brand, Roc Nation, into one of the most intimidating and effective music churning brands in the business over the past decade. The biggest reason for his success has been his contract with Live Nation, dubbed the 360 Deal. The 360 Deal was signed in 2008 and it gave Jay Z $150 million over 10 years in order to work of Roc Nation closely with Live Nation.

Now that deal is expiring and the music world is waiting to see what Jay Z does next.The 360 Deal with Live Nation reset the industry standard but it came at a time when the music industry was pretty fundamentally different. Nowadays Live Nation has no interest in representing the studio recordings of musicians. Instead, Live Nation has shifted their focus toward just representing the live portion of a musicians career and that is something that Jay Z, Desiree Perez, and the rest of the Roc Nation team can offer up in spades.

Still, would Jay Z and his Roc Nation team be interested in resigning to a deal that is more limited than the one they had previously been on? That is the question.what is interesting is that Desiree Perez, a longtime executive with Jay Z at Roc Nation, appeared at a lunch meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge of the Universal Music Group in Santa Monica, CA. Perez and Jay Z had a sit down lunch that can only mean they were talking business. Does this mean that Perez, notable for her work with Beyonce, is helping shift Roc Nation to new shores? It remains to be seen.

Kate Hudson Is Behind The Growth Of Fabletics

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of the athleisure retailer known as Fabletics. This was launched in 2013. She has been able to build a brand in a market that was already dominated by several powerhouses of activewear including Amazon. Fabletics is a part of the e-commerce brand, TechStyle Fashion Group. The brand is worth $250 million today. In 2016, its sales increased by 43 percent.


Today Fabletics has over 21 million followers on Twitter. Besides, it has 18 retail stores also. It has a VIP monthly membership model that has 1.2 million members who are spread over eight countries. These members are eligible for discounts that can be up to 50 percent on apparel. Members can avail of pre-selected apparel based on their lifestyle as well as fashion preferences. In this way, Fabletics is offering personalized service along with trendy fashion that is at an affordable price.


Kate has been able to manage it with her name recognition too. After all, she is a certainly and this has really helped. For her, this is an opportunity to create a high-quality line that is affordable and inspires all women. It is not focused on their size or age. Fabletics wants them to look and feel their best as they embrace a lifestyle that is active and healthy too.


Hudson was well-aware that there was not any good quality active-wear line that was affordable too. She knew that athleisure apparel is a growing trend. In 2016, U.S. consumers had spent $44 billion on activewear. It is predicted that this sector will reach $83 billion in sales in the U.S. The Millennials are health conscious and wish to wear active clothing that is trendy too.


Fabletics is able to set itself apart from other companies due to its low cost. Besides, it is banking on its technology too. It makes use of big data in order to track the buying preferences of customers. In fact, this would also help to predict future demand with high accuracy.


Fabletics is a part of the TechStyle Fashion Group that is currently valued more than $1 billion. The other brands of TechStyle include ShoeDazzle and FabKids.


In order to be successful, Kate proposes the identification of marketing opportunities. She could see that activewear was expensive. Hence she could identify a retail white space which other companies were not able to see. She along with her team is designing activewear for women of all shapes and sizes. Hence they are creating ready-to-wear lines for sizes that range from XXS to 3X. She knows that this is a lot of extra work but her team is happy about it.


In addition, Kate Hudson wants to create clothes that can be considered as fun and fashionable too. They should be inspiring people so that they work out more.


She is a hands-on person. Kate Hudson looks at the sales numbers each week. She knows which apparel moves and which does not. Hence she can take decisions accordingly. There are new collections that are being launched every month.

How OSI Group Manages To Remain At the Top of the Global Food Business

OSI Group supplies processed food to top food outlet brands across the world. The company specializes in processing foods that are largely protein rich such as meet. It adds value to the foods to meet the changing taste preferences of its clients. OSI stands out as one of the few companies that have managed to stand the test of time in the food industry, given that some businesses struggle to adapt to market changes that arise from generation change. In that same breath, the company has managed to establish itself in different local market setups across the world, competing and even outdoing local firms. OSI Group was established in 1909 and is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

The Complexity of Global Food Business

Surviving in the global food market goes beyond impressing the clientele as at a given moment in time. This is mainly because the financial position of clients is influenced by the economic situation in their motherland. It is, therefore, possible to have a particular market preference changing for multiple times within a couple of years. OSI Group has used innovation to sustain a competitive approach in all the countries they operate, the prevailing economic situations notwithstanding. Secondly, OSI Group operates through many local teams that understand perfectly well the cultures and financial muscle of the clients living in the localities in which they are deployed. The consequence of that is that the company can accurately predict future market trends in a particular region and adjust its operations accordingly.

Consolidating Its Oldest Client Base

OSI Group consolidated its presence Chicago by the acquisition of the Tyson Food plant in the region in June last year. The new facility became an added infrastructure for use by OSI Group in its day-to-day operations especially in increasing efficiency in food processing. One year down the line, the facility has greatly helped the company in meeting the diversified client needs from the increased client population in Chicago. Kevin Scott, OSI North America’s senior executive vice president, argued that the Tyson Foods plant brought about new capabilities to the OSI manufacturing network.

The attachment OSI Group has with Chicago is historical. This is because its mother company- Otto & Sons- was based in Chicago. Even though the company was just a simple meet business at the time, loyal clients in the region played a key role in propelling the company to what it has become today.

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